Thursday, May 7, 2009

Home SWEET Home

That's right ladies and gentlemen we have purchased our first home! After stressful looking for a few weeks (which seemed much longer) we have found the perfect home! We are set to move in the 22nd of May and are more than excited.

My favorite part of the house is the kitchen, I was worried I wasnt going to find the perfect one but we did.

Another area I was worried about was laundry, everything we were looking at had open laundry in the kitchen and I hated that! Luckily this house has a separate room off the kichen just for laundry, couldnt get much better

Lots of room in the backyard for Little Cheech

Sunny San Diego!

Austin and I were able to hit the beach last week and see the ocean, first time for me, while in Sand Diego.

The trip as a whole wasnt the greatest, work was slow and people were rude, BUT spending time with Austin away from home is always fun and relaxing!

We went on a nature "hike" and were able to see this awesome view over the ocean. I point out the word hike because the lady said it was a nature walk so we wore jeans and flip flops but when we arrived there we saw that it was indeed a 2 mile up hill hike!! Although it was hot and I got blisters it was beautiful