Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Enjoying the hard times

I complain too much. There I said it.

I complain.....
my child doesn't sleep enough
I am tired
He fusses too much
it's hard to get him to sleep
it is hard to take him places

The other night I asked my facebook friends for help, how do I get mason to sleep himself and for more than 2 hours a night. I got TONS of comments from parents new and old, from parents young and not so young. I thank you for these comments because it really opened my eyes.

I wasn't enjoying mommyhood or Mason nearly enough as I should have been. I use past tense because this past week I have loved every minute of being with my son. I have enjoyed his crying, his waking up, his refusal to fall asleep. I have napped with him instead of doing house work.

After reading everyone's advice, things really touched my heart. I cried a few times at what I was being told. You all are great and RIGHT. I need to step back and enjoy these hard times. They will pass and I will miss them. I will miss Mason being so small and young. I will miss Mason wanting me and only me in the middle of the night. I will miss being his only safe haven.

I thought I wanted Mason to grow up faster, to sleep on his own and to allow me time to myself but I DON"T. I want to cherish every little part of my time as a mom. I don't care that I have to rock him to sleep 4 times a day while he fusses for 10-20 minutes because he is tired but doesn't want to nap. I don't care that he is a mommy's boy and sometimes I am lazy and nurse him to sleep. I don't care that he sometimes sleep in bed with me because I want another hour of sleep and he isn't having the bassinet anymore. Nobody is perfect and that means me too. I do not want to raise my child to be self dependent at 2 months old. I want him to want me. I will not spoil him and bend over because he doesn't want to sit in his swing while i cook dinner but I will love, comfort and rock him whenever he wants me.

When times are hard it is easy to complain and I realize I do this WAY too much. I don't want to complain and stress but instead enjoy these moments as they are only temporary. I love being a mom SO much more now that I have opened my mind and heart.

Thank you again to everyone who had encouraged me with helpful words and advice.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2 months

Mason turned 2 months last week.

He is continuing to grow WAY too fast

i love watching him change, smile and talk everyday

Slow down mister!!

saying good bye

Mason's aunties left for school this week.

They have grown very close to him since he has been born and have seen him almost everyday of his little life.

Brooke has become quite attached to him and saying good bye for the next 3 months was hard.

He will grow quick and when they return he will be a completely different person, luckily we live in a world of blogs, picture messages, and skype.