Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12 Weeks

A little update on the baby growing going on around here.

I am 12 weeks!

Slowly my all day sickness is fading. I still have bad days here and there but good days are in the mix which is quite nice.

No foods ever sounds good to me. Austin will name off 100 different things when I am hungry and I will say no to them all,  on the other hand if you just place food in front of me I will eat it :)

I am not sure how much, if any, weight I have gained.
I don't have a baby belly yet, more of a bloated ate too much tummy

And some photos so I can look back and see what I looked like pre-baby

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pregnancy...this far

So far pregnancy has been an experience.
I thought I knew what to expect when we found out we were expecting but I had no idea.

Being sick has been the roughest part.
I felt great up until my 7th week.
I started out at 112 lbs and today I am down to 106. Hopefully when I feel better I can start putting back on the weight.

I felt extremely tired weeks 5-8 but I think I am getting use to the feeling and it doesn't bother me as much, as long as I am in bed by 9 :)

I am so grateful and excited to be growing this baby.
We rented a doppler and love listening to the tiny heartbeat in the evenings.

Here is a picture at 8 weeks.
 Tuesday I will be 10 weeks but I still haven't grown so I didn't take a new shot.