Friday, September 18, 2009

T Rex

So I wasn't going to blog about the totally sweet T Rex cafe at Legends in Kansas City because I figured Andrea would and her blogs kick my blogs butt, BUT since she hasn't and I have nothing better to blog about I will!

We went to KC last weekend for Austin and Jason's company picnic, since the company they work for is based out of there. The picnic in itself was not anything special or exciting or worth the drive for that much but their very kind boss paid for us to stay the night up there.

We decided to hit the T Rex cafe in Legends since were staying less than a mile away and had heard good things about it. Let me just say it was by far the coolest place EVER!!

There were plenty of dinosaurs and bugs, mammoths, fish and more than you could imagine. Everything moved and made sounds. It snowed on the mammoths and the atmosphere was amazing. I cannot wait to visit KC again as I will suggest we eat there!!

Jason and Austin were like 2 little boys again, they walked around and explored the whole place and of course had to touch everything. It was a absolute blast and if you have children you should definitely consider stopping by.