Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless-ish Wednesday

Mason has just about mastered self feeding! 

Its a little silly thing but I am proud of him

Monday, February 27, 2012

the face

As of Saturday mason has a new face

We were at a birthday party when I heard a a lady say "what face is that?" I looked down to see Mason making the not so cute face that is now his favorite.

I have been trying for the last few days to get it caught on camera and have been unsuccessful despite his constant need to do it. Austin, however, got it on video this morning. 

This afternoon when I heard him waking from nap I thought maybe I could sneak in with the camera and capture it. Of course he would do it while I was talking to him but once the camera came out he would just smile.
I am going to try to get a photo of it but this is what he does... squints his eyes, scrunches his nose and does a open mouth/show teeth/fake smile.
picture it

Here are some photos just because I haven't put any up in awhile.
Always happy when getting up from nap

Get me out of here!
Thinking about doing the face till I got the camera ready, then stopped.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fitness Friday

Another week of workout under my belt. I am so happy to back in the swing of things. I hadn't truly realized how much I miss working out until lately. Sure, I knew I missed it and wanted to start up again but now that I am over the every part of my body being sore and feeling like I want to puke after each workout I am enjoying the time to treat myself.

saturday- rest day.
Sunday- remember this workout I posted last week that I was going to do Friday?? well, life happened and I didn't get to it so I busted it out. As you can see there are a bunch of jumps going on. I really got a sweat out of this and a few times I had to talk myself up to continuing!
remember to do each exercise 5 times before going on to the next. My gymboss really came in handy with this one.

Monday- Mason had me up a lot last night and honestly I wasn't feeling motivated to do anything. I decided to start an Insanity workout and hopefully get into it, that didn't happen. I only completed 20 minutes.

Tuesday- Ran 1 mile while pushing a stroller-- I felt the need to tell you I pushed a stroller because it was harder than I thought it would be

Wednesday Mason slept all night last night and I was feeling energized and ready to go. The weather was ah-maze-ing!! 70 degrees in February! With only 4 weeks until my first 5k I headed out to time my 3 mile. I ran it in 31:27 and only had to walk twice for 45 seconds. I think if I can push myself these next few weeks my time will be right where I want it.  
 Also completed my  Fit2flex50 daily challenge

Thurday-  did a fun paper plate workout thanks to Lindsey over at the leangreen bean. Threw in this quick ab workout

- 25 reverse crunch with lift
- 25 side crunch (each side)
- 25 toe touch
- 25 russian twist
repeat 4 times
completed my Fit2Flex 50 challenge

Friday-planning another timed 3 mile run and completing Fit2Flex50

This week was hard on me. I wanted to push myself more but was really unmotivated. Each day I had no desire to workout and my body hurt. I pushed  myself to do at least something each day and hopefully I was just having an off week. I am realizing that my body is adapting to exercise and I need to change things up in order to continue to see results. Next week I am kicking it up a notch!

Friday, February 17, 2012

handsome time

Whenever Austin has a haircut I tell him it's handsome time, that is he is going to become handsome after his haircut. Today Mason had his very first handsome time.

We all knew it was coming sooner or later, I mean this kid was born with a head FULL of hair, had he been a girl it would have been awesome. Since he is a manly boy we decided the comb over look had to go .

Here is a picture of him at breakfast before the cut.

apparently he is excited for his haircut

He sat like such a good boy the entire time

Afterwards we had to check out how good we looked

and one final shot of the handsome big boy. He looks more like Austin now and a lot like his cousin Jax!

Fitness Friday

Now that I am posting my weekly workouts I am holding myself more accountable of doing them! Whenever I feel like skipping a day I think of how I have to post that I didn't do jack that day and it motivates me to do at least something.
Here with another weeks worth of workouts, hoping to inspire at least one of you!!

Saturday- I received my Gymboss yesterday so I decided another circuit training was in order. I put this quick 23 minute workout together and it really got me sweating!

Sunday- I completed a tababta I found over at Fit In Heels. Again it really had me working and felt good during and after. Find it here.

Monday- I wanted to work some weights so I threw together a small arm, and shoulder workout with cardio burst in the middle and abs at the end
I didn't think much of it the first time through but by the second and third I could really feel my shoulders

Tuesday- I was over at my mom's so I jumped on the treadmil for an attempted HIIT. Let me just tell you it kicked my butt, I am kind of embarrassed to put how little I did for how much I felt like puking. I am trying to prepare for my 5k which to most doesn't sound like much but I am really not much of a runner.
Wednesday- Another great workout from Fit In Heels. Find it here

Thursday- Insanity workout

Friday- morning tabata I threw together

 Hello mommy bikini body =)

Inspire me, what awesome workouts did you get in this week??

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


What I Ate Wednesday.
This is a collection of eats from the last week...

I have been in love with dried cranberries

cliff bars are a new favorite

very unhealthy tuna cassarole was a hit!

 a turkey pesto pita

please note I am not a food photograpgher!

and some Chobani!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my love in photos

Happy Valentine's day!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Austin worked Saturday so Mas and I spent some time in the kitchen; cleaning and cooking!

We made delicious oatmeal balls

and spicy chex mix

for him... squash

and carrots

the aftermath??

when daddy returned home Mason enjoyed loving on him

but he did not enjoy him trying to steal the spot light

i love weekends with my family

Friday, February 10, 2012


I totally slacked this week and didn't take one 365 photo. Partly because I got a new camera body and I am having issues with it (not happy and in the process of trying to get it fixed).

For Christmas we got Mason bath toys and he hasn't touched them once, he prefers the plastic cup we use to rinse his hair

I made the most delicious thai noodles the other night and Austin said they tasted weird and asked me to never make them again =(

I am shooting a friends wedding next Saturday and I am scared you know what less and excited at the same time

Now that Mason can sit in a cart shopping is so so so much more enjoyable

I have a serious addiction to coffee, as in I could drink only coffee everyday and I think about my morning cup each night when I go to bed.

I am also that girl who puts 200 calories worth of creamer in her coffee

I want to become a fitfluential ambassador so if you see a lot more fitness post on here that's why, I hope I can inspire you!

I am ready for my next tattoo but I can't decide on what one idea I like most

Dried cranberries have become my snack of choice... I find myself munching them all day

I am all blogged out, thanks for listening

Fitness Friday

Exercise has always been something I loved, I love working out, getting fit, and being healthy. I spent a year studying personal training at WSU before deciding I wasn't positive "training" was the area I wanted to go into, I kind of liked the nutritionist side of things (although I am not the healthiest eater myself).

Lately I have really been getting back into exercise and eating better. Before Mason, Austin and I always worked out. Then we had a baby and it took the back burner. Between work, house work and caring for a newborn I didn't give myself the time I needed for me.

Last month I took a second to evaluate myself, where was my body post baby and where did I want it to be? I was very fortunate that I only gained 9 pounds my whole pregnancy and that melted away the first few weeks post delivery. I, in no way, think I am fat or need to lose weight but I wasn't happy with the look of my body. I wasn't tight in places that needed to be. Sure, I was wearing my pre baby jeans a month after giving birth but it was uncomfortable to pull them over my belly whenever I sat down. I was self conscious about my body and didn't feel comfortable.

I decided it was time to make time for me and working out. I knew going to the gym wasn't an option, for me. I do not like the idea of leaving Mason with a few teenage girls responsible for him and however many kids are there. I worked in a gym before and I know that not all of the people working are there because they need a paycheck, some actually like watching kids but I didn't want to risk him being put on the floor then stepped on by bigger kids or finding something to choke on. I started doing quick home circuits in the evenings or while Mason napped. I instantly felt better about myself.

Next I got a copy of Insanity. This was just what I needed. If you are looking for a great intense workout and are willing to push yourself, TRY IT!! The videos vary for 20-60 minutes so if I don't have a ton of time I am still getting at least a small workout in.

I am still not where I want to be, but the changes are getting there, also I have more energy and confidence .

If you are interested in starting an exercise program but don't know where to start or not sure you have the time, let me help you! Start small, little 20 minute circuits in your living room are not only convenient but they burn calories! Schedule a time each day to workout, write it in your planner, lay out your gym clothes. Days that you don't feel like sweating take a minute to remember your goals whether it be to lose weight, feel better or fit in a bikini.
and now for my Fitness Friday, here is what this week of workouts looked like...

Sunday- 60 minutes of Insanity
Monday- Off
Tuesday- 15 minute morning circuit 30 jumping jacks, 10 crunches, 5 push ups, 10 squats, 10 tri push ups, 25 high knees, 10 squat jumps, 10 crunches, 10 push ups, 10 burpees, 1 minute wall sit, 20 crunches (Repeat 3 times) 
Wednesday- 1.5 mile run
Thursady- 36 minute Insanity workout
Friday- Home circuit - 50 seconds of each/10 second rest
              jumping jacks
              mountain climber
              ski jumps
              squat jumps
              lunge switch jumps
              mountain climber
              frog jumps
              high knees
              push ups
              squat jumps
              plank - knee to elbow

Thursday, February 9, 2012

when the camera comes out...

this boy knows exactly what to do  =)

you lookin at me?!

please excuse my bad focus, noise, and color issues- sometimes pictures are technically wrong but too cute to throw out

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

rainy days and teeth

Today was an awful ugly day out. We are happy winter hasn't fully hit us.....yet but we sure have gotten use to the nice temperatures.

We like to look out the window. Today not much was happening because it pretty much rained and spit light snow all day. Not even the birds amused us.

While we were looking out the window I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of out teeth!! Yes, we have 2 teeth that finally came in. After a few rough nights waking up constantly and a few rough days, these puppies are through

Mason was not thrilled I pulled him away from being "watch baby" so the first attempt at capturing them was a great big fail

I decided to try again during dinner. Of course the camera was extremely interesting

and finally he let me see those teethers

I can't get over how stinkin' cute they are. He is constantly chewing on things and thinks it is hilarious when you say "let me see those big boy teeth." I can't believe he has teeth!! My little man is growing up so dang quick. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

365 week 5

this week i stepped away from the themes and decided to take pictures more of our everyday life

Mason loves oatmeal and applesauce for breakfast

working on being more healthy and reaching my fitness goals so i packed easy to grab healthy snacks

now that Mason is sitting better I was determined to get an in focus bath picture
for the life of me i can't figure out the correct post production, i am not happy with the final image so you will probably see more bath photos as the year goes on

 Camera strap fabric I finally loved

staying fit means using a stop watch and monitoring my heart rate. currently my watch is without battery so i just go till i feel like throwing up then i figure my heart rate is high enough =)

Friday we had a playdate
Mason was exhausted the second we were in the car