Friday, February 10, 2012


I totally slacked this week and didn't take one 365 photo. Partly because I got a new camera body and I am having issues with it (not happy and in the process of trying to get it fixed).

For Christmas we got Mason bath toys and he hasn't touched them once, he prefers the plastic cup we use to rinse his hair

I made the most delicious thai noodles the other night and Austin said they tasted weird and asked me to never make them again =(

I am shooting a friends wedding next Saturday and I am scared you know what less and excited at the same time

Now that Mason can sit in a cart shopping is so so so much more enjoyable

I have a serious addiction to coffee, as in I could drink only coffee everyday and I think about my morning cup each night when I go to bed.

I am also that girl who puts 200 calories worth of creamer in her coffee

I want to become a fitfluential ambassador so if you see a lot more fitness post on here that's why, I hope I can inspire you!

I am ready for my next tattoo but I can't decide on what one idea I like most

Dried cranberries have become my snack of choice... I find myself munching them all day

I am all blogged out, thanks for listening

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