Friday, February 24, 2012

Fitness Friday

Another week of workout under my belt. I am so happy to back in the swing of things. I hadn't truly realized how much I miss working out until lately. Sure, I knew I missed it and wanted to start up again but now that I am over the every part of my body being sore and feeling like I want to puke after each workout I am enjoying the time to treat myself.

saturday- rest day.
Sunday- remember this workout I posted last week that I was going to do Friday?? well, life happened and I didn't get to it so I busted it out. As you can see there are a bunch of jumps going on. I really got a sweat out of this and a few times I had to talk myself up to continuing!
remember to do each exercise 5 times before going on to the next. My gymboss really came in handy with this one.

Monday- Mason had me up a lot last night and honestly I wasn't feeling motivated to do anything. I decided to start an Insanity workout and hopefully get into it, that didn't happen. I only completed 20 minutes.

Tuesday- Ran 1 mile while pushing a stroller-- I felt the need to tell you I pushed a stroller because it was harder than I thought it would be

Wednesday Mason slept all night last night and I was feeling energized and ready to go. The weather was ah-maze-ing!! 70 degrees in February! With only 4 weeks until my first 5k I headed out to time my 3 mile. I ran it in 31:27 and only had to walk twice for 45 seconds. I think if I can push myself these next few weeks my time will be right where I want it.  
 Also completed my  Fit2flex50 daily challenge

Thurday-  did a fun paper plate workout thanks to Lindsey over at the leangreen bean. Threw in this quick ab workout

- 25 reverse crunch with lift
- 25 side crunch (each side)
- 25 toe touch
- 25 russian twist
repeat 4 times
completed my Fit2Flex 50 challenge

Friday-planning another timed 3 mile run and completing Fit2Flex50

This week was hard on me. I wanted to push myself more but was really unmotivated. Each day I had no desire to workout and my body hurt. I pushed  myself to do at least something each day and hopefully I was just having an off week. I am realizing that my body is adapting to exercise and I need to change things up in order to continue to see results. Next week I am kicking it up a notch!


  1. Way to go! I find that I will be motivated for about 2 weeks... then I get bored and quit. I need a gym membership so bad! If I had other people holding me accountable I'd be more likely to do it.

    1. we have a Y membership but I don't like to take Mason to the daycare yet so I try to do workouts at home or leave him with my mom.


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