Friday, February 17, 2012

Fitness Friday

Now that I am posting my weekly workouts I am holding myself more accountable of doing them! Whenever I feel like skipping a day I think of how I have to post that I didn't do jack that day and it motivates me to do at least something.
Here with another weeks worth of workouts, hoping to inspire at least one of you!!

Saturday- I received my Gymboss yesterday so I decided another circuit training was in order. I put this quick 23 minute workout together and it really got me sweating!

Sunday- I completed a tababta I found over at Fit In Heels. Again it really had me working and felt good during and after. Find it here.

Monday- I wanted to work some weights so I threw together a small arm, and shoulder workout with cardio burst in the middle and abs at the end
I didn't think much of it the first time through but by the second and third I could really feel my shoulders

Tuesday- I was over at my mom's so I jumped on the treadmil for an attempted HIIT. Let me just tell you it kicked my butt, I am kind of embarrassed to put how little I did for how much I felt like puking. I am trying to prepare for my 5k which to most doesn't sound like much but I am really not much of a runner.
Wednesday- Another great workout from Fit In Heels. Find it here

Thursday- Insanity workout

Friday- morning tabata I threw together

 Hello mommy bikini body =)

Inspire me, what awesome workouts did you get in this week??

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  1. Dont you love the gymboss timer?! Your fitness fridays inspire me--posting a to do workout for tomorrow!


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