Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mason {15 Months}

Our little man is growing up so fast. He is 15 months old today and I haven't posted much lately so here is what the booger is up to

He has conquered walking and now can run. Yes, the child runs. He runs when you say lets get dressed, he run when you say lets change your diaper and he runs when you say lets go bye bye.

He talks up a storm just like his daddy. Most of it is jibberish but he know a lot of words too
Words he says: hi, bye, up, mom, dad, papa, puppy, dog, gampa, gama, yesh, ok, bath, peas, out
His favorite words to say are "mom  mom mom mom" and "up up up up"

His favorite people are grandpa and daddy

He has such a huge personality right now. He says hi to everyone we pass in the store or out running. He flirts with girls like crazy. He blows kisses and gives kisses.

He knows and points to his or your tummy and nose (he sticks his finger up his nose when you ask where his nose is). We are currently working on ear.

He loves singing. He grabs the kindle and walks around with it singing "whoo whoo whoo" until you play music on it. He already has favorite songs (anything by Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan). He also dances most of the time music is playing.

He loves being outside and will spend hours outdoors regardless of temperature. He likes to swim and climbs in his pool whenever outside; fully dressed and all

He is such a bundle of joy and makes me laugh and smile everyday. I love how energetic he is. He loves other kids and playing.

Time has gone by quickly but I enjoy watching him grow and learn everyday

Saturday, September 1, 2012


This weekend Aunt Brooke was in town for a little visit.

Mason got to spend the day shopping and swimming with Aunt Brooke on Friday. Even though she lives in Kansas City I am glad Mason gets to see and hang out with her. He returned home completely wiped out from his fun filled day!