Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oooh Oh We're Halfway There!

YAY!! Today I am 20 weeks!!

This pregnancy is really flying by... ok so maybe it isn't flying but it sure feels nice to be halfway done. I am still feeling great and really enjoying having this little man growing inside of me. I am happy to feel him kicking everyday now :)

The nursery is about complete. I know it is a bit early but I really wanted it done before I lost energy and motivation to put it together just how I wanted it. 
Small Preview, work still being done :)

My excitement for Mason to be here grows each day!

Cutest little booties representing dad's favorite team

16 weeks
 Just for fun a comparison of 16 weeks to 20 weeks.

20 weeks

 *The give-a-way- I forgot for just a second I offered a prize to a random correct guesser of our baby's gender. And the winner (thanks to random.org) is...
I am in the process of making a special surprise for you. It may be another week or so before it is done since I am still without a sewing machine but I am sure you will love it!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

feeling crafty

This weekend I was feeling extra crafty and just wanted to sew sew sew. I got all my materials ready and pined everything together so all I had to do was sit and sew. I started my first stitched and my 100 year old machine broke....again. I was lucky that Andrea lives less than 5 minutes away and was willing to let me borrow hers. 

I finished up some burp rags for me and made some for a friend whose shower I am attending later this month.

I also wanted to make something to decorate Mason's walls. I bought 3 canvases and $2 worth of felt. I made little moneys which I then sewed onto leftover fabric I had from the changing table pads. I stapled them to the canvases and hung them on the wall. I love when ever I make wall decorations and I ask Austin how they look, he always finds something wrong with them. Apparently the money's ears aren't exactly the same...because I am not an artist nor do I make displays for a living I am still super happy about how they turned out.

They aren't on the wall yet because I haven't taken them to be stapled.
 Finally I mad some crinkle toys. These are really easy and quick to make. Again I asked Austin what he thought of the toy and he asked me if I made it up. I told him I found a tutorial on it and that babies love the sound and pulling of the ribbons on the edges. He is still convinced I am making the whole crinkle toy up. He will see when Mason gets here.

I am happy to have the time and ability to make home crafts. They really are fun and I love being able to say I made that.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"i am going to be a dad"

Austin came home yesterday with a little gift for Mason. He had picked up this cute monkey that plays a lullaby. After holding it to my belly and playing the song once he placed it in the crib. Later while we were sitting on the couch he looked at me and said this sweet story...

"I really thought everything about you being pregnant had hit me but I realized this morning it hadn't till today. I was standing alone in the middle of the baby clothing area at Walmart this morning about 6:15 am. I was holding this toy for my son and looking for an outfit for him too. I realized I was going to be a dad for the first time. After checking out I went to my truck where I took out a pen and on the tag of the monkey I wrote To: Mason From: Dad. I wrote my name as dad for the first time. I smiled and kind of teared up as I realized I am going to be a dad!"

I am so happy that Austin is excited for this little boy. They are going to have a great time learning and growing together!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I literally almost peed my pants!

I thought it would be fun to share a funny little story with you all.

Monday I had my sonogram and I was so worried about drinking enough water that I literally almost peed my pants. I have never had a sonogram done before and wasn't exactly sure how it worked. Everybody kept saying drink lots of water or have fun with all that water drinking. I was so worried that if I didn't drink enough water and have a full bladder it wasn't going to work. I spent all morning drinking water. About an hour before my appointment I decided I wasn't going to use the restroom until after we were done at Baby Waves. While Austin was wiping snow and ice off the car just 30 minutes before our appointment I realized I didn't have to go to the bathroom at all. My bladder wasn't full!! Oh no I thought. I rushed around the kitchen and gulped a full 36 oz cup of water. I then filled a smaller 16oz cup to take with me. As we were getting closer to the place I realized my bladder was pretty full and thought "hey I timed this just right."  Boy was I wrong. By the time we pulled into the parking lot I was afraid to move as I knew I would wet my pants right there.

*Side note*  I have a tiny tiny tiny bladder and I am like a small child when I have to pee. If I have to go I have to go now and it's not good

Getting out of the car I realized just how full my bladder was. IT HURT! I slowly walked inside the building bow legged trying to hold it in. Austin said I looked hilarious and like I definitely had to pee. After we checked in I sat in a chair with my legs crossed. I looked at Austin and told him I had to go now, there was no more holding it for me. He told me to ask the lady up front if it would be ok. As I started to stand up I sat immediately back down. I looked at him and said "I can't move or its coming out" He laughed at me and said I had a huge look of panic on my face. He was pretty sure I was about to pee my pants right there. I finally stood up and told the lady up front I had to use the restroom and there was no way for me to hold it any longer. She pointed me in the direction and again I slowly crept bow legged down the hall. I passed a lady on the way and she gave me a giggling smile.

When I returned to the waiting room, feeling MUCH better, Austin was laughing at me. He said the lady I had passed was the ultrasound tech and when she walked in she said "that must be my next mom about to pee her pants."

Luckily for me I have to use the restroom every 15 minutes so midway through our appointment I was already trying to cross my legs again. Next time I know that needing a full bladder doesn't mean 10,000 oz of water :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Although our little man isn't here yet pregnancy has brought so many first to us. I am amazing how something so small, the size of my hand, has so quickly filled my heart with love and joy.

Here's to the developments that have brought smiles and joyful tears

*First positive pregnancy test

*First time hearing that little fast heartbeat

*First time Austin bent down and talked to our baby

*First signs of showing

*First stomach flutter from a strong little leg kicking

*First sonogram where we could see all the little features formed

*First time we were able to us HIM instead of our baby

I am excited to experience the many many more first to come. Looks like our sweet boy has already captured our hearts!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

and it's a .....

 We are so excited to be welcoming a sweet little boy into our family. We had a blast at our sonogram appointment and couldn't be happier. This little guy was super active, flipping all over the place and giving us wonderful shots. He waved at us, gave us the thumbs up, scratched his head, rolled over, and talked (we saw his lips moving!!)

He is definitely a boy and was proud to show off his little parts :)

Head, and spine

My favorite shot, Baby Mason saying no more pictures!! He better get use to it though :)
 He weighs 6 oz and looks perfect for how far along he is. I was beyond excited and joyful to see this little guy and was amazed at how much of him was already visible. I can't wait to meet him

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Easy Chocolate

I think it goes without say that the easiest chocolate snack that satisfies every time is the no bake cookie.
So good, So easy.
So what if I just returned from the midwife and she said to try to cut out the peanut m&ms and reach for something more healthy. A little no bake never hurt anybody :)

**Separate Note**
Monday we find out the gender of our little baby so I thought it would be fun to see what you all thought this little one is going to be. As far as old wives tales I have taken many test and they are pretty much all coming up equal boy to girl outcomes. The heartbeat at 12 weeks was 172 and today at 17 weeks it was 164 (if you believe you can tell from heartbeat.) Let me know what you all think and maybe I will choose a winner from the group of correct guessers Monday and send a little treat your way!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Take 2

I am trying my hand at a 365 day project again. Last time I made it only 34 days. Pretty bad. This time I really want to spend more time working on my photography and editing skills. I hope to learn from this process and get a lot farther than last time. I also have more time to spend on the project this go around. I hope to post my pictures sporadically.

Here are my first 3 days!

Jan 1
Getting Organized
I placed all my songs on this ipod in one folder called ALL
Today I organize into actual playlist

Jan 2
Austin and I have started the new year by reading the Bible every night

Jan 3
Warm Tea
Since I am not allowed coffee at the moment I have enjoyed a nice cup of warm tea in the mornings and evenings