Monday, January 10, 2011

and it's a .....

 We are so excited to be welcoming a sweet little boy into our family. We had a blast at our sonogram appointment and couldn't be happier. This little guy was super active, flipping all over the place and giving us wonderful shots. He waved at us, gave us the thumbs up, scratched his head, rolled over, and talked (we saw his lips moving!!)

He is definitely a boy and was proud to show off his little parts :)

Head, and spine

My favorite shot, Baby Mason saying no more pictures!! He better get use to it though :)
 He weighs 6 oz and looks perfect for how far along he is. I was beyond excited and joyful to see this little guy and was amazed at how much of him was already visible. I can't wait to meet him


  1. YAY for more blue!!! Congratulations, I know you'll love having a little boy in your life. Glad you got to see so much of your baby. :)

  2. Isn't it wonderful how that little baby fills your heart so fast? Love your new blog look!

  3. How exciting!! I always have thought it's funny to see them move all over the place and not be able to feel most of it. :)


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