Saturday, January 15, 2011

"i am going to be a dad"

Austin came home yesterday with a little gift for Mason. He had picked up this cute monkey that plays a lullaby. After holding it to my belly and playing the song once he placed it in the crib. Later while we were sitting on the couch he looked at me and said this sweet story...

"I really thought everything about you being pregnant had hit me but I realized this morning it hadn't till today. I was standing alone in the middle of the baby clothing area at Walmart this morning about 6:15 am. I was holding this toy for my son and looking for an outfit for him too. I realized I was going to be a dad for the first time. After checking out I went to my truck where I took out a pen and on the tag of the monkey I wrote To: Mason From: Dad. I wrote my name as dad for the first time. I smiled and kind of teared up as I realized I am going to be a dad!"

I am so happy that Austin is excited for this little boy. They are going to have a great time learning and growing together!


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