Monday, January 30, 2012

catching up

I feel like a terrible blogger lately. I haven't kept up on anything but my 365 photo. Honestly nothing new has happened with us Hanna's. We are pretty routine.

I have been on a steady workout routine for 2 weeks now and I can say I feel 100% better about myself inside and out.
I also found a 5k I plan to run in March, this will be the first time in my entire life I will run for more than 1 mile so prayers that I don't die are welcome

Mason is still getting over his cold from 2 weeks ago, he feels and looks better but snot just keeps flowing out of that little nose.

Also, he had his first little tooth come through tonight, you can barely see it but you sure can feel it!!

I am slowing preparing for my craft fair in June but honestly can't find the motivation right now to really get ready. The plan was to use these 6 months before hand to have everything together but I have a feeling I will be rushing around the month before.

Anyone else absolutely loving this winter weather??

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and thanks for stopping by, I promise to work harder on this blogging thing =)

Sunday, January 29, 2012


already a month in and still on track!

my other half decided against the funny face

Little man has been fighting an ugly cold for a way too long

purple, the color of royalty

self portrait of my identity; a mom with grown out roots, hair in a ponytail, sweats in the middle of the day, loving on a baby =)

i missed thursday which was tradition, i had it all planned out but mason wasn't up for going on a drive so hopefully i can add that shot to next week

my favorite beans

this has nothing to do with the theme but i loved watching my little man and his daddy work on a project together

Saturday, January 28, 2012

little worker

this weekend we decided we needed to get a bedside shelf for austin. we like to watch Dexter after putting little man to bed on the weekends and i was the only one with a little shelf on my side on the bed, this resulted in me constantly passing asutin his coke or him holding it.

we went to target and found a nice little 3 foot shelf that would fit perfectly in between the wall and bed. when we returned home mason grabbed his hammer and helped daddy put together the shelf. 

my camera battery went dead midway through the process so i missed some of the action =(

 first we grab our hammer

and gather our parts

then we hammer away
here dad, i will hold and you hammer
now you hold while i hammer
it was great seeing them work together on a project. mason really enjoyed helping

at one point mason got a hold of the instructions and decided to eat them, he is a typical man; no need for instructions!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


today we got the 2 best friends together for Valentine pictures

It was quite the experience. a 6 month old and a 7 month old kind of do their own thing.
they love playing together but have the attention span of .01 second

here are some of the fun shots we got

whispering sweet nothings

eating his arm
and then the individuals

sometimes we have a real bad cough

I hate pictures!

and the best of the best

I love getting these two together! and of course having coffee with her mama is a plus

Saturday, January 21, 2012


that is the one and only word i can use to describe today.
we all have those days, you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and your whole day is off

i waited for austin to get home from work last night so we could watch an episode of Dexter before bed, he was home at 1030pm and the episode was an hour long. I wasn't asleep till about midnight, my own fault there. between the hours of 230 and 7 mason was up 3 times. i woke up tired and irritate before i even got out of bed.

it's okay i thought because today i am meeting a friend for lunch. I just need to have my coffee, playtime with mason and get ready. mason is going through a i am going to cry unless you hold me stage. getting ready was near impossible. i couldn't wait to step out for an hour.

after lunch i came back home, still not in a great mood but excited to see my boys. austin left to meet his cousin, mas and i headed to Target and Hobby Lobby. he was fine. when we got home it began again, i put him down for 5 seconds to use the restroom and he was throwing a fit. i picked him up and he continued to cry while pulling out handfuls of my hair. 

deep breaths later i sat him next to me on the floor so we could play and i could put up my pictures for the week. somehow he reached the off button on the computer which closed out all my programs and turned it off. i closed it and went to put it on the end table so i could just lay with him on the floor, in this 2 second period he tipped over, landing on a pillow and started throwing a fit again.

i swiped him up to love on him for a minute, it was obvious we were both having a hard day. i just wanted to love him and him love me. i wanted quiet snuggle time but instead got this...

sweet child, i love you. i know we will have our rough days and i wouldn't trade them for anything.
tomorrow is a new day and it will be better

365:week 3

This weeks pictures!

notice the paths our dog has continuously ran and killed all chances of there ever being grass
this yard may not look like much yet but it has taken a lot of teamwork to get this far. after mason was born our main sewer line needed replaced. Austin first teamed with my dad to dig up and replace the line. then he teamed up with his dad to till and replant grass

don't worry be happy
i totally forgot i was going to stock up on pumpkin spice creamer before they discontinued it for the year. luckily i was able to snatch up the last one at Wal Mart Monday and it was on sale! i thought this fit the prompt perfect

i decided to give up pop this month while trying to get rid of my baby flab around my tummy. today after austin left for work i noticed he left half a pop on the table, i couldn't just throw it away so....oops

mind, body and soul
and if i didn't have love handles and was ripped like Jillian Michaels
hahaha this makes me laugh

when i read today's prompt i thought of my fire pit in the backyard and this special stick I can't bring myself to burn. 
I got my fire pit for my birthday, Mason was just 3 months old. Austin took him to the backyard to collect sticks to start a fire later that night. He handed one to Mason and told him to hold it for his mama. Although Mason still hadn't got a handle on holding things, he somehow carried it through the yard and dropped it in the stick pile. I know it is silly but I can't burn it, it's kind of like my first gift from my little man.

 cute baby behind 

this has nothing to do with a bridge. I am lacking motivation and creativity today. Mason was up on and off all night. he hasn't stopped crying all day. i am tired and about to snap. on a good note this came in the mail today, now i can make my coin purse!
how is everyone's 365 project coming along? leave me a link to yours so i can check it out
be sure to stop by these fellow 365-ers

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

mason and mommy pictures

ever wonder what happens when you snuggle up next to your 7 month old and try to take a few pictures with him?

this is exactly what happens....

the first picture you take he is laughing and having fun, you haven't annoyed him yet, however, you forgot to change your aperture so he is out of focus

second picture he becomes interested in your camera strap dangling right in front of him

third picture you try to snuggle him but again the strap is more interesting

fourth picture you completely forget to put yourself in

by the fifth he has decided to roll over and grab a toy

finally you give up and realize everyone just wants to see the adorable baby anyways


Dear extra flab on my belly,
I have been working out, eating less and doing crunches till I can barely get out of bed. Can you please disappear at your earliest convenience?

k, thanks,
Mama who wishes to not look like she just had a baby


Dear laundry pile.
there are only 3 of us in this little family, why is it that you are always there? Daily laundry should not be a chore.

lady whose house the laundry fairy skips


Dear sinus pressure,
I would really like to enjoy a happy baby and sick free husband. Is there anyway you can go away for awhile or forever?

Thanks in advance,
Wife and mommy of sick boys


Dear kitchen cabinets,
I would greatly appreciate if you would refill yourselves with groceries every week. I very much dislike grocery shopping and if the weather gets bad it will be such a hassle to bundle up a baby and drag him to the store. I will even leave a list of what we need each week

Yours truely,
Mama who hates Wal Mart

Monday, January 16, 2012

my photography

i have decided that this year i am really going to work hard to improve my photography. I love to photograph our lives and others.

I have dabbled in and out of learning the fundamentals but never went too in depth. lately i have been seriously sitting down to read and practice.

I wanted to show off some of my recent work because, yes, i am proud of how far i have come.

Thanks for looking!

meal planning;week 2

here is what the menu in our house looks like this week

Monday- south of the border pasta-- from last week, somehow our days got mixed up and then we had dinner at the in-laws one night so this dish was never prepared
Tuesday-Hawaiin Chicken
Wednesday- spaghetti
Thursday-crispy chedder chicken
Friday- Pesto chicken
1 can cream of chicken/mushroom soup, i jar pesto sauce, 1/4 c milk, 2 chicken breast, pasta. cook chicken, add soup, milk and pesto. stir over medium heat till smooth. mix with cooked pasta
Saturday- fajitas

whats on your menu this week??

Sunday, January 15, 2012

sewing project *2*

sticking to my goal of becoming a better sewer (is that a word?) i have marked a few patterns i want to try.
First on my list was a bucket bag. I love carrying just big enough purses that can fit all my junk along with a few diapers, wipes and some toys for mason. 

once i got the pattern i immediately knew what fabric i wanted, i just needed to find it. don't you hate when you picture something in your head then it is nonexistent? after searching all over town i finally resorted to the internet, i really didnt want to pay as much for shipping as for the fabric but decided $10 for a yard of corduroy shipped was worth it when it happened to be exactly what i was wanting.
next i thought i wanted a nice bright turquoises or a grey for the inside but when you are digging through a thrift store and find 2 yards of your favorite color green for a buck you can't pass it up!
here are a few photos of my new bag. I tried some early morning backlighting for fun...

the pattern was pretty simple and took about 2 hours to put together. It ended up being the perfect size. I doubled the length of the strap so i could wear messenger bag style. the only thing i would add to the pattern would be 2 little pockets on the inside.

all in all i think my sewing goal is looking like a success and its fun to make new cute things for myslef 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

365 : week 2

This week I tried to be more creative in my picture taking, I hope i accomplished this

my family is short. we all got jeans for Christmas. between the 3 of us girls I had 9 pairs of pants to hem, apparently i got a bit carried away 

while laying on the floor with mason day after day, i see the lines of his toy basket often

i was lazy and didn't grocery shop on the designated shopping day therefore i went without coffee creamer for 2 days. coffee black is super gross, don't try it

warm, fluffy boots

I really wanted a picture of Austin with his hunting bow but because my car had broken down he was trying to work on it before i had to leave for work and of course when i got off work he was gone to work. i settled for me trying to hold the dang thing with one arm while taking a picture looking through the site

mug shot
 again i was lame, i wanted to set up a mug shot like i was being booked into jail but lack of time resulted in a quick side view mug shot

we enjoy dinning in 7 nights a week =)