Sunday, January 15, 2012

sewing project *2*

sticking to my goal of becoming a better sewer (is that a word?) i have marked a few patterns i want to try.
First on my list was a bucket bag. I love carrying just big enough purses that can fit all my junk along with a few diapers, wipes and some toys for mason. 

once i got the pattern i immediately knew what fabric i wanted, i just needed to find it. don't you hate when you picture something in your head then it is nonexistent? after searching all over town i finally resorted to the internet, i really didnt want to pay as much for shipping as for the fabric but decided $10 for a yard of corduroy shipped was worth it when it happened to be exactly what i was wanting.
next i thought i wanted a nice bright turquoises or a grey for the inside but when you are digging through a thrift store and find 2 yards of your favorite color green for a buck you can't pass it up!
here are a few photos of my new bag. I tried some early morning backlighting for fun...

the pattern was pretty simple and took about 2 hours to put together. It ended up being the perfect size. I doubled the length of the strap so i could wear messenger bag style. the only thing i would add to the pattern would be 2 little pockets on the inside.

all in all i think my sewing goal is looking like a success and its fun to make new cute things for myslef 


  1. This motivates me to get my butt moving to be better at sewing.

  2. Super cute! You'll be quite the seamstress in no time.


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