Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Dear extra flab on my belly,
I have been working out, eating less and doing crunches till I can barely get out of bed. Can you please disappear at your earliest convenience?

k, thanks,
Mama who wishes to not look like she just had a baby


Dear laundry pile.
there are only 3 of us in this little family, why is it that you are always there? Daily laundry should not be a chore.

lady whose house the laundry fairy skips


Dear sinus pressure,
I would really like to enjoy a happy baby and sick free husband. Is there anyway you can go away for awhile or forever?

Thanks in advance,
Wife and mommy of sick boys


Dear kitchen cabinets,
I would greatly appreciate if you would refill yourselves with groceries every week. I very much dislike grocery shopping and if the weather gets bad it will be such a hassle to bundle up a baby and drag him to the store. I will even leave a list of what we need each week

Yours truely,
Mama who hates Wal Mart


  1. The hard part about getting out of the house right now is the dumb car seat. :) It's the best way to keep him warm, but I HATE lugging it around! Especially since he'll sit in a cart now. Totally agree on the laundry pile(s). I have a few at my house right now!


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