Sunday, June 26, 2011

Like Daddy

Austin sleeps the same way every night, one hand up and across his head.

The other day I noticed that Mason always has a hand up when he sleeps. He is already taking after his daddy and he doesn't even know it.

I hope he continues to take after Austin

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our little glow worm

Mason had some jaundice when he was a week old. It wasn't too extreme but bad enough he was put on a light blanket overnight.

Of course he was fine but being my first little one and my hormones all over I was pretty emotional over the situation. I didn't like him not being okay and I didn't like the blanket.

My family was very supportive and helped me from getting so worked up over the situation.

We called him our little glow worm for the day.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sewer Failure

Being as we just had a baby there had to be something that went wrong in the first week. Not only had we been sleep deprived and adjusting to having a newborn around but our main sewer line broke and had to be replaced.

Our yard was a dug up mess but luckily my dad and Austin were able to replace it themselves and save us some money.

They worked hard and long getting it done in just 2 days. They would work all day at their jobs then spend 5 hours in the heat working to finish it.
We are very appreciative that it was able to get fixed and that Austin and my dad were so willing to work so hard to finish it quickly!

Father's Day

I was super excited to celebrate Father's Day this year.

It was Austin's first and with Mason only being a week old it was a special time.

Austin woke to kisses from Mason

and a gift. Austin wanted a carrier for when Mason is a bit bigger. He is excited to take him fishing and this is the perfect way for little man to tag along.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our first Days

Just a few pictures I snapped on my phone of the first 2 days with Mason.

He is a good baby, sleeps most of the day. We are working on sleeping at night still =) The first 2 nights were rough but now that he is getting the hang of nursing he isn't so grumpy at 2 am

Mason's Story

Mason is finally here and we couldn't be more happy, grateful, excited, tired, loved (I could go on and on ).

Mason was born at home Saturday morning at 4:50 am. He weighed 6lbs 14 oz and was 19.5 inches long. Although he wasn't a big baby he was a lot bigger than we thought he was going to be

Here is his story and some pictures

Thursday I went to see the midwife and she checked me for the first time, I was 39 weeks and anxious to know if anything was going on. I was 1 cm and 80% enfaced. She said baby was in good position and low enough that he should give me a good labor.

Friday morning when Austin got up for work at 3 am I felt some cramping and for some reason I just knew today was the day, as he left I told him "Mason is coming today, I know it" I have told him this often so he just brushed it aside and said I say that all the time. This time I knew.

I got up later that morning to go to work, I normally have Fridays off but I picked up a shift because I knew I would be having this baby anytime and I wanted the extra hours, plus I wanted to keep occupied and moving as much as I could. I went to work still having small cramp like feelings all morning, some hurt a lot and others were just uncomfortable. When I got off work I started feeling my first real contractions. They hurt. I went home and tried to take a nap but couldn't fall asleep. They were still super far apart, about 30-40 minutes apart, so I thought nothing of it. Austin worked a 12 1/2 hour day and came home exhausted, he decided he was going to skip a nap and go to bed super early. The contractions started getting worse but still only twice an hour.

I decided we would just pick something up for dinner and I would let Austin go to sleep. While eating I was noticing the contractions getting stronger and varied closer in time anywhere from 12-30 minutes apart. About 8:30 I told Austin to lay down and if any change happened I would wake him. At 10 I woke him up because they were getting super painful and only 7 minutes apart. I told him I wasn't sure if they would go away or what; this was our first go at labor and I had no idea what to expect. I kept thinking this was a false alarm because every story I have heard or read always seem to have a false alarm.

Between 10 and 12:30 the contractions continued to get stronger and still remain 3-6 minutes apart. We decided to time for another hour then call the midwife. at 1:30 I was unable to walk, talk, move and barely breath through them. I was hunching over in extreme pain every 3 minutes contracting. We called the midwife and my mom. My family showed up quickly before 2 am and my mom was a super help keeping me calm and reminding me to breath. Austin and my sisters set up the pool and got things ready.

Just after 2 am Kathy (our midwife) came. She checked me and I was already a 7! I laid in bed during the transition. This was an unpleasant time, I was uncomfortable and throwing up. At one point it was coming out of my nose, TMI?? I remember saying, "it's coming out of my nose, make it stop!"

Finally I moved to the pool. This was the most relaxing thing EVER!! I hurt still, I hurt bad. I was crying and trying my hardest to breath. The pool was amazing, the water was warm and allowed me to move into positions freely. Kathy checked his heartbeat and measured me again. I was a 9 and in a matter of time could start pushing. I was ready, I had the feeling to push but waited. Finally it was time. He was coming and I was ready. Austin positioned behind me supporting my back and whenever I contracted I pushed and pushed.

He began to come and all everyone could say was "look at all the hair" "honey he has so much hair" "oh Sarah his hair" Finally his head was out but his cord was tight around his neck. Austin said Kathy looked concerned but calm, she continued to tell me to give one more push. After a push or 2 she said out loud his cord was tight and he needed out. I was exhausted, hurting and had no energy but upon hearing that I was determine to push so hard, my baby needed out and NOW. With just 2 more pushed he was freed and placed in my arms.

He was perfect. His mouth and nose were suctioned and his little cried filled the room. Our baby was here and in my arms. I looked at him and then at Austin, I couldn't have been more happy. Austin immediately checked to make sure he was a boy, which of course he was =)

The cord was cut and Mason was handed to grandma while Kathy and Austin helped me out of the pool and to the bed. I was then given Mason immediately and was able to love him before he was bathed and clothed. The time was just before 5 am and everyone was surprised I went so quick. At the time it sure didn't feel quick to me but looking back it all went pretty fast. Kathy was certain when she got there that it was going to be another 12 hours before delivery. Man, am I glad it wasn't.

Mason is perfect in every way and the home birth was amazing.

Friday, June 3, 2011

feautred & giveaway

Have you checked out my Etsy shop lately? If you haven't you should, it has really grown and I am proud of where it is going.

Today I am being featured on a local blog and you all need to stop by and enter her giveaway!

It's wonderful to see something I have worked hard on grow and attract others.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

missing =(

If you happen to see Rockie anywhere please let us know

Cheech has taken up digging the last month and is always in the neighbors yard or out in our front yard. The other 2 dogs don't dig unless Cheech happens to get out and we don't notice for awhile, they then think they need out too.

Saturday Cheech dug out and the other 2 followed while we were at Austin's moms for dinner. We got a call saying Bo was found and Cheech had snuggled his way back into our yard. When we got home sure enough Cheech was back in the backyard and the lady returned Bo. She said a man a few blocks over had picked up Rockie. When Austin went to get him the man told us that he had let Rockie out front with his dog thinking he would stay but of course Rockie ran. Austin drove around for almost 2 hours looking but no luck. We still haven't heard from anyone about him.

We hope he is returned home soon, if for some reason he is not I hope that whoever has him is giving him a good home and lots of love.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Almost Time

I have begun the waiting game. 38 weeks along and I am ready for this little guy to be here. The days have become longer and my only thoughts surround when he will make his entrance into the world.

I have been experiencing some Braxton Hicks and they are not too fun. At night I barely sleep because no matter my position he is fully pressed on my bladder.

I make Austin tell him each night that needs to come out but he doesn't seem to listen.

I am happy he is comfortable but I can't wait to meet, hold and love my little boy.