Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our little glow worm

Mason had some jaundice when he was a week old. It wasn't too extreme but bad enough he was put on a light blanket overnight.

Of course he was fine but being my first little one and my hormones all over I was pretty emotional over the situation. I didn't like him not being okay and I didn't like the blanket.

My family was very supportive and helped me from getting so worked up over the situation.

We called him our little glow worm for the day.


  1. Awww poor boy! I'm glad he's better now! I don't think the hormones go away either! I'm pretty sure they get worse! I never used to cry before I had Rylin now im a basket case of emotions! The ending of Toy Story 3 required multiple tissues! And her getting a boo boo or shots... forget it! I'm a hot mess 24/7! Lol

  2. I would agree! Now that you're a mommy you are going to find yourself emotional, worrying, and crying frequently. It's all just part of the job! Welcome to the club!


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