Thursday, June 2, 2011

missing =(

If you happen to see Rockie anywhere please let us know

Cheech has taken up digging the last month and is always in the neighbors yard or out in our front yard. The other 2 dogs don't dig unless Cheech happens to get out and we don't notice for awhile, they then think they need out too.

Saturday Cheech dug out and the other 2 followed while we were at Austin's moms for dinner. We got a call saying Bo was found and Cheech had snuggled his way back into our yard. When we got home sure enough Cheech was back in the backyard and the lady returned Bo. She said a man a few blocks over had picked up Rockie. When Austin went to get him the man told us that he had let Rockie out front with his dog thinking he would stay but of course Rockie ran. Austin drove around for almost 2 hours looking but no luck. We still haven't heard from anyone about him.

We hope he is returned home soon, if for some reason he is not I hope that whoever has him is giving him a good home and lots of love.

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