Friday, July 29, 2011


Mason is only 7 weeks old but has grown and changed SO much lately.

He is out of newborn clothes and fitting 0-3 months and even plain 3 month outfits!!

He now wears size one diapers

He smiles all the time and LOVES to be talked to

His sleep schedule is developing nicely as he tends to make his stretches about 4 hours long =) This makes for a happy mama

He is getting strong too, he loves to use his legs to push off you and can almost hold his head up regularly

He is constantly pulling his poor little hair and can't seem to connect that to the pain he is causing himself. I finally bought him a little toy so he could grab onto that instead but he doesn't like it yet.

He is big on hand holding which I love!

He likes to explode his diaper and smile while you change it

He loves to look at ceiling fans and is very curious of his surroundings at all times

He grows more handsome everyday and we adore him more and more everyday

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bath Time

Our nightly routine involves daddy giving Mason a bath

I like how involved Austin gets at night since I care for him throughout the day

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Mason tends to not like things the first time around.

I was totally bummed the first 3 attempts at putting him in my sleepy wrap, he screamed bloody murder the entire time. Now a days he loves it, it is the only way I can grocery shop.

Another thing he hated the first few times he tried was the swing. I had heard how useful putting them in the swing could be; while showering, getting ready, eating, cooking, cleaning, blogging =)

After a few failed attempts, where he again screamed the entire time, he has grown to love the swing (for short amounts of time). Tonight he fell asleep while Austin and I ate dinner.

and I can't get over how dang cute his little hands and feet are. They are my favorite!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mason likes to..........

sleep, in small shifts before waking to eat and repeat.

where does the time go..?

When you have a baby.

Even though I have been staying home (until this Wednesday) I feel like I have accomplish NOTHING since Mason has arrived.

I haven't read a blog in weeks

I haven't cleaned the bathroom (fully) since he was born. Finally last night I left him fussing for 10 minutes so I could.

Slightly embarrassed to say I cleaned the fridge and freezer this morning and filled 2 trash bags

My laundry room is full of clean but stacked clothes that only gets removed from the dryer after sitting for 2 days because I need to dry another load. From the dryer it gets folded and placed randomly on the washer, a shelf, or in a basket on the floor.

I swept the kitchen for the first time in over a week

I actually got to dust the living room last night while Austin gave cranky Mason a bath and tended to him so I could.

On to the little one.

He had his one month check up today and he is getting so big!

He is up to 9 lbs 13 oz and 21.5 inches. If you remember he was only 6 lbs 14 oz at birth and 19.5 inches.

Time not only flies around the house but with him too. Stop growing!! but feel free to sleep through the night =)

and here is a photo dump

mom I said no pictures!
I will not look at you
You are making me tired
I am done

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lets be honest

being a mom is hard. Being a first time mom is hard.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE being a mom and I love my little guy to death.

What is hard about being a mom is.....

~not knowing what to expect or when

~Not getting sleep therefore always feeling stressed, overwhelmed and on edge

~wearing gym shorts and a tank everyday

~combing your hair once maybe twice a week

~not being able to jump in the car and go run an errand without packing a bag, feeding the baby and wondering if he will behave in the car and store or if he will throw a fit cause he is hungry

~wanting to cry every now and again. I don't know why but some days I feel like sitting and crying, maybe it's hormones

~continuing to keep a house clean, laundry washed, meals made, food in the cupboards, a happy baby and still finding a split second for yourself

I am so happy we have Mason in our lives and I wouldn't trade it for anything but on a real note mommyhood is hard.

Kuddos to all you mamas out there!