Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Mason tends to not like things the first time around.

I was totally bummed the first 3 attempts at putting him in my sleepy wrap, he screamed bloody murder the entire time. Now a days he loves it, it is the only way I can grocery shop.

Another thing he hated the first few times he tried was the swing. I had heard how useful putting them in the swing could be; while showering, getting ready, eating, cooking, cleaning, blogging =)

After a few failed attempts, where he again screamed the entire time, he has grown to love the swing (for short amounts of time). Tonight he fell asleep while Austin and I ate dinner.

and I can't get over how dang cute his little hands and feet are. They are my favorite!

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  1. He is adorable. :) My other boys never did like the swing. Micah loves his!! And, I am so glad. I would really never get anything done without it. Yeah for falling asleep on his own...even if in the swing!


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