Tuesday, July 19, 2011

where does the time go..?

When you have a baby.

Even though I have been staying home (until this Wednesday) I feel like I have accomplish NOTHING since Mason has arrived.

I haven't read a blog in weeks

I haven't cleaned the bathroom (fully) since he was born. Finally last night I left him fussing for 10 minutes so I could.

Slightly embarrassed to say I cleaned the fridge and freezer this morning and filled 2 trash bags

My laundry room is full of clean but stacked clothes that only gets removed from the dryer after sitting for 2 days because I need to dry another load. From the dryer it gets folded and placed randomly on the washer, a shelf, or in a basket on the floor.

I swept the kitchen for the first time in over a week

I actually got to dust the living room last night while Austin gave cranky Mason a bath and tended to him so I could.

On to the little one.

He had his one month check up today and he is getting so big!

He is up to 9 lbs 13 oz and 21.5 inches. If you remember he was only 6 lbs 14 oz at birth and 19.5 inches.

Time not only flies around the house but with him too. Stop growing!! but feel free to sleep through the night =)

and here is a photo dump

mom I said no pictures!
I will not look at you
You are making me tired
I am done


  1. he's so dang cute. i love him. he misses me, i know it. (he better, 'cause i miss him!)

    you should let me babysit so you can clean your house... or sleep, whatever. =P

  2. ill watch him anytime you wanna get away or just relax :)

  3. i love his full head of hair! try not to stress about getting cleaning done. a little bit here and there every day while you can is certainly good enough. soon, you will be able to do much more. it can be annoying that the floor needs to be swept or if there is a layer of dust on the shelf but, it is much more annoying to stress out over getting it done and missing out on time with your handsome little guy.

  4. I totally understand how it feels to want the house clean and being frustrated that you can't get to it. So when we had family visiting and they asked what they could do to help, I'd say grab the vacuum and go to town! Or I had them dust, do laundry or clean a bathroom. Those were the things that were extremely helpful to me. If I get the opportunity to have another baby, I'm pretty sure I'll hire someone to clean my house every week for a couple of months to help take the stress off me. A clean house is a big deal for me anxiety wise!


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