Friday, July 29, 2011


Mason is only 7 weeks old but has grown and changed SO much lately.

He is out of newborn clothes and fitting 0-3 months and even plain 3 month outfits!!

He now wears size one diapers

He smiles all the time and LOVES to be talked to

His sleep schedule is developing nicely as he tends to make his stretches about 4 hours long =) This makes for a happy mama

He is getting strong too, he loves to use his legs to push off you and can almost hold his head up regularly

He is constantly pulling his poor little hair and can't seem to connect that to the pain he is causing himself. I finally bought him a little toy so he could grab onto that instead but he doesn't like it yet.

He is big on hand holding which I love!

He likes to explode his diaper and smile while you change it

He loves to look at ceiling fans and is very curious of his surroundings at all times

He grows more handsome everyday and we adore him more and more everyday

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