Monday, March 28, 2011

This for That

I have been looking at thrift stores for an old sewing table to put my sewing machine on. I knew exactly what I wanted but couldn't seem to find one anywhere. The other day as I was leaving my mom's I noticed she had her old one out on the front steps. I figured it was because they were in the middle of remodeling but decided to ask anyways. Come to find out she was going to throw it out with the trash!

I made Austin go get it a few days later. I cleaned it up and couldn't be more happy with it. It's the exact one I was hoping to find. I love the wood colors of the drawers and the convenience of having all my materials nicely where I need them.

I use to have my machine just sitting on the table and all my materials scattered out across the whole table. It looked messy and I never kept it organized. I traded my sewing materials for Austin's car. I guess now that we have more room on the table it was the perfect place to work on his little car =)


to this stay at home mom with bun still in the oven Monday brings.......

A cup of 1/2 the caff coffee (just found out they made this awesome product)
The dreaded weekly trip to Wal-Mart
A date with Mr. Clean and my bathroom
A few hours catching up on the weekend orders from my Etsy shop

Although Monday doesn't mean I will spend the week in the office I have to say it is still my least favorite day of the week.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

it's Friday!

Take a load off this weekend.

Here's to a relaxing weekend =)

Bad Luck

I guess you can say Austin's boston terrier is the king of bad luck (must take after Austin). The past month has been no exception for poor Rockie.

I wasn't going to post his misfortunes but they keep occurring.

#1 about a month ago he was in the backyard and Amber (our pitbull) got a hold of a squirrel, as they all were messing with it Rockie somehow got a huge gauge across his nose. The vet said it was border line stitch worthy but we didn't have the money so we put him on meds and slowly watched it heal. After a few weeks he was ok, just a nice little scar across his little nose to show how tough he his.

#2 a few weeks ago he got out of the backyard and made a run for it. He normally won't take off like the other dogs do but we weren't home so I guess he decided he was going out for the day. He ran across Meridian and the people who called us said he about got ran over (i guess this was his one good luck token). When we returned home with him we noticed he was bleeding. After inspecting him we saw that he had ripped a nail completely off. It was dangling from his poor paw. We decided to wait a few days and see what happened. After about 3 days it came completely off. We could tell it was sore to touch but he acted fine other than that.

#3 Last night (by the grace of God) I was in our room while Austin was playing his video game. Why I was in our room and not watching or cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry I do not know but I know the fact I was saved Rockie's life. All of the sudden I heard whinning, crying and barking. Dogs are like babies, you can tell their cry and when you need to hurry and see what is wrong. I looked out the window and Amber was latched onto him and ripping him up. This was no playing, she was going to kill him. I ran to the living room to tell Austin. He ran outside and was able to get her off of him and just in time. We brought Rockie in and he was dripping blood all over. After bathing him we examined him. He was pretty messed up. He couldn't even stand up. We took him to the vet to get help. They said he hadn't broken anything but had to use 5 staples to close up some wounds. He was given 2 different pain killers.

This morning he still won't use his leg. You can be assured we are finding Amber a new home. Our little dogs don't have a chance if she latches out again.

We feel bad for Rockie, he is such a good, friendly dog and now he appears so sad and scared.

Hopefully by the end of today he will be able to put some pressure on his hind legs if not we will have to get him a x-ray.

I would say things can only get better from here for him but I am not sure they will =(

Monday, March 14, 2011

Things I love...

More so now that I am pregnant

1. Slippers- easy on and off. No bending over to tie or put on

2. Austin's t-shirt collection. Nothing more comfy than a bigger shirt that actually covers your belly without constant need of pulling down

3. ANYTHING with an elastic waist-enough said

4. The snack cupboard. I feel better about putting this up because I made the picture so small =)

5. Ice tea and bottled water. For some reason tap water just doesn't do it for me these days and I never had a problem drinking it before.

Things I don't like so much now that I am pregnant

1. Walmart- Wears me out. I have discovered that it is a much more pleasant place on Mondays than it is on a weekend day. Upside to not working.

2. Bottom drawer where I keep tupperwear lids. Each night is a hassle to put the leftovers away.

3. Bottom shelf of dishwasher

4. Reaching into the bottom of the washer to pull out clothes. Being so short probably doesn't help much either

Pretty much anything low that I have to bend over to reach.

What are some things you loved and didn't love so much while pregnant?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Make up and Melt downs

Yesterday while cleaning the bathroom I ran across my make up bag. Now most of you know or can tell that I don't wear make up. It's a good day if I put foundation on. I use to think I was going to wear make up and bought products that I wanted to try or knew would looked so awesome. Never liked anything.

Also Austin likes my natural look, he said he wouldn't have married me if he would have been scared to wake up next to me.

When I found my bag I looked inside only to find products that were years old (I know they were multiple years old because I haven't bought any new make up other than foundation since I have known Austin). I started throwing out used once/never even used cheap make up right and left.

When I was done all I had left was a nasty make up bag.

and 3 essential products

1. Foundation
2. Bronzer
3. Eye liner
Actually only 2 essential. I kept the eye liner for days I am feeling crazy.

I also threw out the old bag and made a new clean one that perfectly holds just what I need.

Now to my melt down. This morning I tried to change my blog look and somehow deleted the whole thing!! I have been working on it for 2 hours now and still can't figure out stuff I had before. I almost want to cry (pregnancy might have something to do with it). I have no idea how I had the advance editor feature (i googled it and the option in my settings is clicked but won't work) so I could change my fonts and picture size. I can't seem to figure anything out so until I do this is what my blog will be looking like. I can't work on it anymore without losing my mind so hopefully next week I can try and battle it again.

Friday, March 11, 2011


I have always been a jean sweatpants and shirt girl. When I met Austin he was always dresses nicely, I continued to wear nothing but sweats and a shirt or hoodie. Why he stuck around I don't know. He makes me laugh because he refuses to wear sweats out of the house, not even when sick and running for meds at Walgreens. Silly boy worries too much. 

Anyways I have migrated to jeans and nicer looking shirts these days. It's not that I don't want to wear more fashionable clothes, it's more of I have no fashion sense. My sister Emily can put together the cutest outfits that I would have never have thought to put together. Other than not knowing where to start often times I think I look funny in outfits. I am short so a lot of the fashionable clothes I want to buy don't fit right. 

My mom found these cute legging/tights at Target on sale for a buck. She thought I would like them because they have a stretchy band around the waist. When I first looked at them they seemed so small, I just knew my pregnant self was not fitting in them. Also I never tried wearing these things before. They weren't really my style and I had no idea what to wear with them. 

I mean look how cute they are

But am I suppose to just wear them with a shirt like this? Should I have a longer dress like shirt on? Oh geez

I am wearing it and I like it, hopefully I am not too much of a sight. Maybe I should go on What Not to Wear

On a better note I made this cute headband that matches perfect!

And because I have to... A few growing belly shots

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gettin my sew on

Now that I have a new machine I have spent a few days working on some spring/summer dresses for a little girl due to arrive in April. They are far from perfect but being as I never tried a dress before I was pretty satisfied with the outcomes.

Can't wait for spring weather and more cute dresses!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Soap, Etsy, Toys & Growing

This post is a little bit of everything that we have been up to since my last post. Speaking of which seems like forever ago when really it was just last week I believe. Funny how something as simple as blogging becomes so a part of your life. I feel like if I don't blog often I am losing touch with everyone and vice versa, not that there is always something exciting and new going on. Maybe its just the girl in me that likes to write in a diary (although this one is as not private) about her day and her thoughts. Who knows

Back to the post

1. *Soap* I finally made homemade laundry soap about 3 weeks ago. I know, where have I been? Living under a rock? I LOVE it. I love the smell, the price, the simplicity. I did have one small drawback, while I was melting the grated soap in boiling water it seemed to chuck together and not fully melt. I ended up having to pick out chucks in the end. Is there a trick to this?? Someone please help!

2. *Etsy* My etsy shop is up and running. Wooo HOO! 

What are these?

Lets start with what looks like a salt shaker. 

This is actually Austin's new microphone for harmonica. When it came I was a bit skeptical about it working and why he spent money on it but sure enough he plugs it into the amp and I can hear him loud and clear
It is also made to be easy to hold while holding the harmonica too
 Now to the cigarette box

When this came I laughed. 
What is it ?
This is the amp. Yes, the amp.
A cordless amp you plug the microphone into.

And again, yes it works. Who would have thought by the looks of this our whole house could be filled with blues harmonica

And finally I am still here and still growing.
Baby Mason is bigger each day.

This is a quick shot of my big, round, perfect belly