Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Soap, Etsy, Toys & Growing

This post is a little bit of everything that we have been up to since my last post. Speaking of which seems like forever ago when really it was just last week I believe. Funny how something as simple as blogging becomes so a part of your life. I feel like if I don't blog often I am losing touch with everyone and vice versa, not that there is always something exciting and new going on. Maybe its just the girl in me that likes to write in a diary (although this one is as not private) about her day and her thoughts. Who knows

Back to the post

1. *Soap* I finally made homemade laundry soap about 3 weeks ago. I know, where have I been? Living under a rock? I LOVE it. I love the smell, the price, the simplicity. I did have one small drawback, while I was melting the grated soap in boiling water it seemed to chuck together and not fully melt. I ended up having to pick out chucks in the end. Is there a trick to this?? Someone please help!

2. *Etsy* My etsy shop is up and running. Wooo HOO! 

What are these?

Lets start with what looks like a salt shaker. 

This is actually Austin's new microphone for harmonica. When it came I was a bit skeptical about it working and why he spent money on it but sure enough he plugs it into the amp and I can hear him loud and clear
It is also made to be easy to hold while holding the harmonica too
 Now to the cigarette box

When this came I laughed. 
What is it ?
This is the amp. Yes, the amp.
A cordless amp you plug the microphone into.

And again, yes it works. Who would have thought by the looks of this our whole house could be filled with blues harmonica

And finally I am still here and still growing.
Baby Mason is bigger each day.

This is a quick shot of my big, round, perfect belly



  1. Did you stir it while it was melting? I have always used a whisk ti stir mine while it melts. I just walk by every once in a while and give it a stir.

  2. Hmm homemade soap …need to look into that!

    Love the toys lol so cute


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