Monday, February 21, 2011


24 weeks this week!!

More and more excited to meet our little man
I thought it would be fun to post a little Q&A for this months update

How did you find out you were pregnant? I found out with a three hpt. My cycle is always messed up and I never know when it is coming. I got a custom of buying cheap tests and testing whenever I went more than a month and a half without it coming. I took the test in the afternoon and kind of expected nothing, when the 3 minutes were up I swear I saw a faint line, a VERY faint line. I told Austin that night at dinner but we didn't get too excited yet because I wasn't sure if it was me or if the line was really there. yes the line was that faint. The next morning I took another, (I couldn't wait the 3 days before you are suppose to try again). The line was faint again but more visible. Just to be sure I went and spent a little more on a digital test, nothing is faint about the word pregnant popping up.

What was your reaction? I cried, I was so overwhelmed with emotion I sat in our bed and cried. I almost thought it wasn't true. I was excited beyond belief.

What was Austin's reaction? He didn't even take a breath before responding with "take a test and see if it's a boy" He wanted a little boy more than anything although I know he would have been just as excited with a girl =)

Who did you tell first? After Austin, of course, I called my sister Brooke. She was at school in St. Joe. She was as happy, excited, and supportive as I could have hoped for. Later when I told my other sister, Emily, she shared this reaction. It was nice to have them so happy for Austin and me. They are both super ready to be aunts

What is the hardest thing about pregnancy? Waiting. Every milestone we hit makes the baby seem more and more real. Not that I think the baby isn't real but I become anxious when new things happen such as: hearing the heartbeat, finding out the gender, feeling movement, seeing my belly grow. It is so hard waiting 9 months for this little guy. 

How are your eating habits now? After a month of not eating much due to sickness I lost 8lbs. Once I started feeling better I ate like I was a teenage boy. I was eating everything in sight and constantly. Finally this last month I have calmed down. I am not as hungry and I have learned to eat better, instead of grabbing a snack cake I enjoy fruit. Lucky for me I have only put 7 of the pounds I lost back on. I am working on being healthy not only for the baby but for me.

What do you think will be the hardest part of being a mom? Without a doubt mornings. I am to say the least NOT a morning person. I know I will have very early mornings once he is here and at first I will be very grumpy. I am not worried about being a mom, I have always been around kids and actually newborns between my mom's daycare and working in a nursery a few years ago. I think I am pretty well prepared although I know it will be different having a baby around 24/7

 If you have any other questions feel free to comment with them and I will answer!


  1. What a great Q&A session - it makes me even MORE happy for you :) Your preggo belly looks great!


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