Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Craft Room Envy

I am so jealous of those who have a crafting space.
Room for all your stuff to be organized 
A place to sit in peace with tables, cabinets, open windows, and coffee.

As you know my craft area is also the office
and storage room
and house to Austin's creatures (snake, fish and geckos)
and room for the hunting gear

After reading Kyle's post on her craft corner I got inspired to get at least a tiny area for just me and my stuff.

Mason decided to help 

After an hour or so of going through, organizing and trashing I realized I was a hoarder.
I also ended up with a pretty sweet corner myself

 I fell in love with these large jars I found at the thrift store... 39 cents!

The desk is just big enough to hold the projects I need to finish up, some hooks, needles, and business card.

I am pleased and content with my space now. I realized I just needed to make the area mine instead of wishing it was so much more. 

Still one day, even if it is 25 years away, I will have a craft room.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter {part 2}

We headed to Austin's mom in the afternoon for a lunch and egg hunt.

The kids were super excited and Mason was ready to find some eggs. The adults hid a million  eggs while the kids waited downstairs, then it was time to go.

Mason acted like he had Easter egg hunted before. He scooped up the eggs and threw them in his basket like a champ.

 His cousins would also run by and put eggs in his basket saying "here Mason, this is for you".
It was sweet

showing off his eggs
Max kind of did his own thing =)

Later we went down to the pond for some fishing.

 Mason's favorite person all day was grandpa Ty.

We had a ton of fun and can't wait for next year.
 I think Mason enjoyed his first Easter

Easter {part 1}

I realized Easter morning that it was the final of Mason's first before he turned one.
My little man is almost a year old and has experienced every holiday, birthday, celebration, and first of his babyhood.

That being said I we took a ton of pictures. I divided the day into 2 post so you won't get bored.

We started the day by opening gifts from the Easter Bunny

 He got eggs filled with quarters for his piggy bank, summer shirts, puffs, a book, and color body bath soap
 The grass was interesting and weird
naturally everything had to be dumped out
 and the most fun he had was with dad's birthday gift bag

Next we dyed eggs. I was really excited because I can't remember the last time I dyed eggs. All of us girls have been grown up for awhile now so we have skipped over that part the last few Easters.

Mason enjoyed throwing helping place the eggs in the dye.

We made a Mason egg, a mommy egg and a daddy egg.

Stop by tomorrow for the massive egg hunt

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter happened to fall on Austin's birthday this year. We celebrated Saturday with friends and Sunday with family. 

I wanted to write a quick post about his birthday and dump some photos on ya so my Easter post wasn't 100 pages long 

I got Austin and Mason matching Rockies shirts for his birthday. They were super cute in them.

I had a dear friend make Austin's cake and it was absolutely ah-maze-ing!! Seriously, it tasted just as good as it looks.

Austin opened his second gift on his birthday.
 A kindle fire. 
Mason and him enjoyed watching Rango together.

Get ready for a photo overload with our Easter post.... I might break it into 2 post so I don't lose any of you 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Brag {10k}

This morning was my first 10k!! This post might be all over the place because I have so much to write about. I was seriously writing it in my head as I ran! Each kilometer marker I had thoughts about the race I wanted to share.

First let me start with a brief introduction of who I run with. 

Now lets make it confusing for you =)
Linda is the owner Cholitas (where I work) Blanca is married to Linda's son. Cay is Linda's sister and Lisa is Cay's daughter.

I threw this in here to tell you a little story about our first 5k. About 3 minutes into running the St. Patty's Day 5k we noticed Linda was ahead of us. If you remember I was sick and didn't want to try to catch up and risk not finishing the race, however, Blanca knew that she couldn't let Linda (her mother in law) beat her because her hubby would rub it in till the day she died. She took off like a bat out of haydes =)

That story had nothing to do with our race today but I wanted to share. 

I woke this morning at 4:30am to feed Mason and instantly heard thunder. Great, we were going to be running in rain. I got to the race where it was straight down pouring. Luckily by race time the rain had completely stopped! It was cool out and I was excited to begin. I ran with Blanca because we have about the same pace. Lisa is super fast, Linda is usually just behind us and Cay right behind that. 

The first 3 kilometers were easy, we have been running 5k's so I wasn't worried about the first 3-4 miles. Right after passing the 3k mark (THIS MAY BE TMI, BE AWARE!!) a lady decided she needed to...ummm... use the bathroom and not just pee. She, kid you not, stepped off the path literally one step, pulled down her pants and started doing her business. Blanca and I were completely disgusted. To make matters worse when she was finished she sprinted in front of us still in the process of pulling up her pants so we were completely mooned! Talk about weird!

We hit the half way mark at 29 minutes. I knew we needed to keep pace or speed up in order to finish in goal time of 60 minutes. My last 5k was ran in 28:20 and Blanca had finished 30 or so seconds in front of me. We started out slower hoping to not use all our energy too soon. Right after passing the 5k mark my music stopped. I realized I was in my 5k playlist so I had listened to all the songs. I had to unlock my ipod, find a new playlist and lock it back up all while keeping my pace and trying not to run into anything/one.

The next 2 kilometers (6&7) Blanca pushed me. She kept her pace and even sped up a bit. 

There was a loop where we passed runners that were just ahead of us. When we entered this loop we passed Linda. She was still right behind us (she has told us she wasn't sure how far after the 3 mile mark she would be able to keep running). This was like super motivation for Blanca I think. I felt her speed up a bit and she said "3 more to go".

Between 7-8 I struggled to keep up with her, you couldn't tell because I was right next to her but my head was playing games. I wasn't winded or tired but I felt twice my weight. I was heavy and trying my hardest to stay loose.

Throughout the 8th K we passed the area where they were grilling food for after the race. BBQ filled the air. There were a ton of people lined up cheering us on. The atmosphere was AWESOME! 

We hit the 9k at 53 minutes. We had been averaging a 6:20ish kilometer. I was all the sudden bursting with energy. The only thing in my mind was this...

It has been my motivation the last 2 weeks while running.

I sped up. I didn't get this far to not make my goal time. I knew the last leg of the path because Lisa and I had ran the loop the previous weekend on little run we took. Could we make it in 58?
  All the sudden I felt something on my shins. My right shoe was untied and slapping my shins. I wasn't stopping, we had 6 minutes left and I wasn't going to miss my time!!

Not 20 seconds later my other shoe came untied. I was worried about stepping on them or someone behind me stepping on them. My pace was faster than it had been all race and now I was pushing Blanca!! We hit the final 50 feet (?  I am bad at judging distance) and Blanca yells "sprint". We both took off and finished at the exact same time.

My gymboss had me at 58:54!! We finished in under 60 and with a minute to spare! The official clocked time was just a second different, 58:55.

Wow, I am so surprised and happy how awesome I did. I never thought I could run 6 full miles and in under a 10/mile pace. Running with Blanca is what made it possible. I have a horrible time battling my head when I run. I don't normally run till I can't go another step. I feel I have decent endurance but I let my mind tell me when I am done. I get bored running alone, I let my heavy legs quit pushing, I say "3 miles is enough" and go home. I knew I had to keep with Blanca if I was going to run the whole thing and in goal time. If I let her get ahead I would lose the battle with myself. She pushed me most of the way and I was able to push her the last leg.

I had an absolute blast running today. The first time I was asked to run a 5k I laughed thinking "I am not a runner". When they mentioned a 10k I thought it was impossible.

It's not

and it is fun. 

Next up is the Gladiator Run next Saturday. A 5k obstacle course! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

boy things

The other day I was scrubbing the bathtub when I heard banging on the bathroom window, it was Austin and Mason. They had found a snake and wanted to show me. Austin was holding it with one hand and Mason in the other. He was telling Mason about the snake, how to be careful with it, etc.

After a few minutes I hear them enter the house and come to the bathroom (where I was still scrubbing away), this time Mason was holding a worm and smiling.

When I was finished cleaning I went out back to see what they were up to. Austin was digging a small area he plans to lay rock and Mason was perfectly content pulling up grass and watching. I took out Mason's shovel and pile and watched my boys work.

It occurred to me that I have a long gross boy world ahead of me. I am not fond of snakes or worms or anything else of that matter and Mason is already interested.

Lord grant me a girl next time around not only so I don't have 2 little ones carrying in worms and snakes but also to clean the tub for me

Right now...

I am sipping my possibly 9th cup of coffee

being chased by this little one

wishing I wasn't tripping over the mess that consumes my living room, hallway, kitchen and bathroom floor

loving my husband for letting every inch of our home be filled with craft fair prep

laughing that Mas makes this face every 30 seconds

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Since Mason loves to swing Austin and Papa put up a swing in our backyard the other day.

Mason absolutely loves it!

 As you can see, it swings him every which way and he is totally ok with that

It is nice to have something I know will make him happy on those days (everyday) when he is clingy, fussy or needing something different to do. 

p.s. did you notice we have grass!! its lovely and soft and awesome!!