Thursday, April 5, 2012

boy things

The other day I was scrubbing the bathtub when I heard banging on the bathroom window, it was Austin and Mason. They had found a snake and wanted to show me. Austin was holding it with one hand and Mason in the other. He was telling Mason about the snake, how to be careful with it, etc.

After a few minutes I hear them enter the house and come to the bathroom (where I was still scrubbing away), this time Mason was holding a worm and smiling.

When I was finished cleaning I went out back to see what they were up to. Austin was digging a small area he plans to lay rock and Mason was perfectly content pulling up grass and watching. I took out Mason's shovel and pile and watched my boys work.

It occurred to me that I have a long gross boy world ahead of me. I am not fond of snakes or worms or anything else of that matter and Mason is already interested.

Lord grant me a girl next time around not only so I don't have 2 little ones carrying in worms and snakes but also to clean the tub for me

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