Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter {part 1}

I realized Easter morning that it was the final of Mason's first before he turned one.
My little man is almost a year old and has experienced every holiday, birthday, celebration, and first of his babyhood.

That being said I we took a ton of pictures. I divided the day into 2 post so you won't get bored.

We started the day by opening gifts from the Easter Bunny

 He got eggs filled with quarters for his piggy bank, summer shirts, puffs, a book, and color body bath soap
 The grass was interesting and weird
naturally everything had to be dumped out
 and the most fun he had was with dad's birthday gift bag

Next we dyed eggs. I was really excited because I can't remember the last time I dyed eggs. All of us girls have been grown up for awhile now so we have skipped over that part the last few Easters.

Mason enjoyed throwing helping place the eggs in the dye.

We made a Mason egg, a mommy egg and a daddy egg.

Stop by tomorrow for the massive egg hunt

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  1. Fun! But, you are forgetting an very important first...Mother's Day! :)


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