Thursday, February 3, 2011

Late night talk with me, Sarah Hanna

I don't sleep anymore. I am not sure if it's pregnancy insomina or just me but I am exhausted all day and lay awake all night. Last night I laid in bed for two hours and 45 minutes before moving to the couch where I was up another hour and a half. Tonight it has only been an hour and 53 minutes since I laid down

I want to re decorate the living room. I am talking paint, decor, and furniture. A girl can dream right :)

I am currently addicted to angry birds. At the same time I hate that game so much!

My dogs are driving me insane. I think they have cabin fever as much as I do

i wish we had a Y membership but until Austin's kickboxing contract is up we probably will continue to go without.

This is the first winter that I can truely say I wish it was spring!

I ate hotdogs and Ramon today. Two things I know aren't healthy for my growing baby

if I won the lottery I would still get a job because sitting at home by yourself all day is kinda depressing

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