Friday, March 11, 2011


I have always been a jean sweatpants and shirt girl. When I met Austin he was always dresses nicely, I continued to wear nothing but sweats and a shirt or hoodie. Why he stuck around I don't know. He makes me laugh because he refuses to wear sweats out of the house, not even when sick and running for meds at Walgreens. Silly boy worries too much. 

Anyways I have migrated to jeans and nicer looking shirts these days. It's not that I don't want to wear more fashionable clothes, it's more of I have no fashion sense. My sister Emily can put together the cutest outfits that I would have never have thought to put together. Other than not knowing where to start often times I think I look funny in outfits. I am short so a lot of the fashionable clothes I want to buy don't fit right. 

My mom found these cute legging/tights at Target on sale for a buck. She thought I would like them because they have a stretchy band around the waist. When I first looked at them they seemed so small, I just knew my pregnant self was not fitting in them. Also I never tried wearing these things before. They weren't really my style and I had no idea what to wear with them. 

I mean look how cute they are

But am I suppose to just wear them with a shirt like this? Should I have a longer dress like shirt on? Oh geez

I am wearing it and I like it, hopefully I am not too much of a sight. Maybe I should go on What Not to Wear

On a better note I made this cute headband that matches perfect!

And because I have to... A few growing belly shots

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  1. I cant believe how time has passed already!! Were getting so close.


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