Saturday, March 12, 2011

Make up and Melt downs

Yesterday while cleaning the bathroom I ran across my make up bag. Now most of you know or can tell that I don't wear make up. It's a good day if I put foundation on. I use to think I was going to wear make up and bought products that I wanted to try or knew would looked so awesome. Never liked anything.

Also Austin likes my natural look, he said he wouldn't have married me if he would have been scared to wake up next to me.

When I found my bag I looked inside only to find products that were years old (I know they were multiple years old because I haven't bought any new make up other than foundation since I have known Austin). I started throwing out used once/never even used cheap make up right and left.

When I was done all I had left was a nasty make up bag.

and 3 essential products

1. Foundation
2. Bronzer
3. Eye liner
Actually only 2 essential. I kept the eye liner for days I am feeling crazy.

I also threw out the old bag and made a new clean one that perfectly holds just what I need.

Now to my melt down. This morning I tried to change my blog look and somehow deleted the whole thing!! I have been working on it for 2 hours now and still can't figure out stuff I had before. I almost want to cry (pregnancy might have something to do with it). I have no idea how I had the advance editor feature (i googled it and the option in my settings is clicked but won't work) so I could change my fonts and picture size. I can't seem to figure anything out so until I do this is what my blog will be looking like. I can't work on it anymore without losing my mind so hopefully next week I can try and battle it again.

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