Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bad Luck

I guess you can say Austin's boston terrier is the king of bad luck (must take after Austin). The past month has been no exception for poor Rockie.

I wasn't going to post his misfortunes but they keep occurring.

#1 about a month ago he was in the backyard and Amber (our pitbull) got a hold of a squirrel, as they all were messing with it Rockie somehow got a huge gauge across his nose. The vet said it was border line stitch worthy but we didn't have the money so we put him on meds and slowly watched it heal. After a few weeks he was ok, just a nice little scar across his little nose to show how tough he his.

#2 a few weeks ago he got out of the backyard and made a run for it. He normally won't take off like the other dogs do but we weren't home so I guess he decided he was going out for the day. He ran across Meridian and the people who called us said he about got ran over (i guess this was his one good luck token). When we returned home with him we noticed he was bleeding. After inspecting him we saw that he had ripped a nail completely off. It was dangling from his poor paw. We decided to wait a few days and see what happened. After about 3 days it came completely off. We could tell it was sore to touch but he acted fine other than that.

#3 Last night (by the grace of God) I was in our room while Austin was playing his video game. Why I was in our room and not watching or cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry I do not know but I know the fact I was saved Rockie's life. All of the sudden I heard whinning, crying and barking. Dogs are like babies, you can tell their cry and when you need to hurry and see what is wrong. I looked out the window and Amber was latched onto him and ripping him up. This was no playing, she was going to kill him. I ran to the living room to tell Austin. He ran outside and was able to get her off of him and just in time. We brought Rockie in and he was dripping blood all over. After bathing him we examined him. He was pretty messed up. He couldn't even stand up. We took him to the vet to get help. They said he hadn't broken anything but had to use 5 staples to close up some wounds. He was given 2 different pain killers.

This morning he still won't use his leg. You can be assured we are finding Amber a new home. Our little dogs don't have a chance if she latches out again.

We feel bad for Rockie, he is such a good, friendly dog and now he appears so sad and scared.

Hopefully by the end of today he will be able to put some pressure on his hind legs if not we will have to get him a x-ray.

I would say things can only get better from here for him but I am not sure they will =(


  1. Sorry to hear about Rockie - Hope he gets back to normal, soon!

  2. Poor thing!!! I think that's a good idea to find a new home for Amber....cuz who knows what would happen to Mason if he latched on to him.....I hope Rookie feel better soon!!!


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