Monday, March 14, 2011

Things I love...

More so now that I am pregnant

1. Slippers- easy on and off. No bending over to tie or put on

2. Austin's t-shirt collection. Nothing more comfy than a bigger shirt that actually covers your belly without constant need of pulling down

3. ANYTHING with an elastic waist-enough said

4. The snack cupboard. I feel better about putting this up because I made the picture so small =)

5. Ice tea and bottled water. For some reason tap water just doesn't do it for me these days and I never had a problem drinking it before.

Things I don't like so much now that I am pregnant

1. Walmart- Wears me out. I have discovered that it is a much more pleasant place on Mondays than it is on a weekend day. Upside to not working.

2. Bottom drawer where I keep tupperwear lids. Each night is a hassle to put the leftovers away.

3. Bottom shelf of dishwasher

4. Reaching into the bottom of the washer to pull out clothes. Being so short probably doesn't help much either

Pretty much anything low that I have to bend over to reach.

What are some things you loved and didn't love so much while pregnant?


  1. I am totally with you on anything with an elastic waist. :)
    I have a top-loading washer and dryer. Not fun.
    Also, I can no longer reach the soap dispenser on my kitchen sink without turning to the side. :)

  2. Let's hear it for elastic waistbands!
    As for my non-favorites: having to wait for Bjiu to move the heavy stuff. When I'm in the mood to rearrange, I'm not in the mood to wait for him to get home from work to do it!


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