Tuesday, January 3, 2012

7 months

Mason isn't technically 7 months till next week but my sister was over today so i decided while i had the help i better take his photos.

He is a little rascal when the camera comes out. He is always on the move!

He weights 17.5 lbs and is 26.5 inches

He likes eating sweet potatoes and squash, he is unsure of eating anything green

He is happy for the most part and loves to jump!

His sleeping varies. Some nights he will go all night and others he is up 3 times
He likes to talk and sing, bath time, eating time, jumping, pulling daddy's bread and mama's hair, watching football and looking outside.
He doesn't have many things he doesn't like right now
He is getting his hair back and starting to look less and less like a baby =(

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  1. Such a Gorgeous Chubba!!! Lachys hair is growing back too! It's fantastic isnt it!?!


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