Thursday, January 5, 2012

this boy can eat!

when i first started Mason on solids he acted like he had eaten them everyday of his life.
He loves to eat.

I like to feed him, he makes this "mmmmm" noise after every bite
Very cute.

His favorites foods are oatmeal  in the morning and sweet potatoes and squash during the day.

I am worried I might be feeding him too much solids... today he barely nursed when offered but ate almost 7 cubes of food... is this normal for a 7 month old.

That aside he always finishes a meal

side note- I do not let him feed himself yet nor does he usually get to lick the bowl, he got a little crazy when i was trying to take a few pictures.


  1. I don't make my own baby food...but, Micah eats 4 of the 2nd foods jars a day and some oatmeal. Not sure how that compares. He still nurses 3 or 4 times a day.

  2. Haha!!! What a cutie-pie!! Lachy only eats 4 cubes a meal (unless its strawberry and banana and then he eats 5!!) I think 7 cubes is fine so long as their still getting enough fluids in somewhere? Lachys not having as much milk either (he has formula at night now cause my supply dropped off)so i try to make sure he drinks water from his sippy cup during the day! (he also drinks bathwater via the flannel!lol)


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