Saturday, January 14, 2012

365 : week 2

This week I tried to be more creative in my picture taking, I hope i accomplished this

my family is short. we all got jeans for Christmas. between the 3 of us girls I had 9 pairs of pants to hem, apparently i got a bit carried away 

while laying on the floor with mason day after day, i see the lines of his toy basket often

i was lazy and didn't grocery shop on the designated shopping day therefore i went without coffee creamer for 2 days. coffee black is super gross, don't try it

warm, fluffy boots

I really wanted a picture of Austin with his hunting bow but because my car had broken down he was trying to work on it before i had to leave for work and of course when i got off work he was gone to work. i settled for me trying to hold the dang thing with one arm while taking a picture looking through the site

mug shot
 again i was lame, i wanted to set up a mug shot like i was being booked into jail but lack of time resulted in a quick side view mug shot

we enjoy dinning in 7 nights a week =)


  1. I hate busting needles. I always bend or break them right in the middle of something important. Lots of angry words follow ;)

    I agree with the black coffee. Yuck. I just used the rest of my creamer for my 'dining' shot and will be running to Walmart when the boy wakes up lol

  2. Yea, you got yours up today! I wanted to harass you when i saw your tweet about doing them tomorrow. :)

  3. Wow - you take awesome photos. Definitely inspiration for me for this next week. As for black coffee, I agree that some of it is gross. If you get a good roast from a good cafe, it's actually quite delightful! Drinking black right now :)

  4. Great pictures!! :) Will definitely come back for another visit! :)

  5. Very creative photos. I need to take note b/c even I'm already bored with my pictures and it's only week 2.

  6. You have major talent, my friend. I love these photos. Thank you for linking up!

  7. Great photos! I agree that black coffee is disgusting. And I hate when bad things happen to my sewing machine...that's when the "sewing machine language" appears - and it's never pretty lol.

  8. These photos are amazing! Love them. I'm hoping to get more into sewing this year, I want to be able to hem if I need to!


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