Saturday, January 28, 2012

little worker

this weekend we decided we needed to get a bedside shelf for austin. we like to watch Dexter after putting little man to bed on the weekends and i was the only one with a little shelf on my side on the bed, this resulted in me constantly passing asutin his coke or him holding it.

we went to target and found a nice little 3 foot shelf that would fit perfectly in between the wall and bed. when we returned home mason grabbed his hammer and helped daddy put together the shelf. 

my camera battery went dead midway through the process so i missed some of the action =(

 first we grab our hammer

and gather our parts

then we hammer away
here dad, i will hold and you hammer
now you hold while i hammer
it was great seeing them work together on a project. mason really enjoyed helping

at one point mason got a hold of the instructions and decided to eat them, he is a typical man; no need for instructions!!

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