Saturday, January 21, 2012

365:week 3

This weeks pictures!

notice the paths our dog has continuously ran and killed all chances of there ever being grass
this yard may not look like much yet but it has taken a lot of teamwork to get this far. after mason was born our main sewer line needed replaced. Austin first teamed with my dad to dig up and replace the line. then he teamed up with his dad to till and replant grass

don't worry be happy
i totally forgot i was going to stock up on pumpkin spice creamer before they discontinued it for the year. luckily i was able to snatch up the last one at Wal Mart Monday and it was on sale! i thought this fit the prompt perfect

i decided to give up pop this month while trying to get rid of my baby flab around my tummy. today after austin left for work i noticed he left half a pop on the table, i couldn't just throw it away so....oops

mind, body and soul
and if i didn't have love handles and was ripped like Jillian Michaels
hahaha this makes me laugh

when i read today's prompt i thought of my fire pit in the backyard and this special stick I can't bring myself to burn. 
I got my fire pit for my birthday, Mason was just 3 months old. Austin took him to the backyard to collect sticks to start a fire later that night. He handed one to Mason and told him to hold it for his mama. Although Mason still hadn't got a handle on holding things, he somehow carried it through the yard and dropped it in the stick pile. I know it is silly but I can't burn it, it's kind of like my first gift from my little man.

 cute baby behind 

this has nothing to do with a bridge. I am lacking motivation and creativity today. Mason was up on and off all night. he hasn't stopped crying all day. i am tired and about to snap. on a good note this came in the mail today, now i can make my coin purse!
how is everyone's 365 project coming along? leave me a link to yours so i can check it out
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  1. Omgoodness that little baby butt is so cute!! Stopping over from Laura's link-up.

  2. I adore that hiney picture! Hope you have a great week!

  3. Stopping by from Laura's link up - love the baby bum pic - so cute. I hope you post your finished coin purse - I'd like to see it :)

  4. Baby butt! Love it!

    LOL @ the Jillian Michaels comment.


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