Thursday, January 6, 2011

Easy Chocolate

I think it goes without say that the easiest chocolate snack that satisfies every time is the no bake cookie.
So good, So easy.
So what if I just returned from the midwife and she said to try to cut out the peanut m&ms and reach for something more healthy. A little no bake never hurt anybody :)

**Separate Note**
Monday we find out the gender of our little baby so I thought it would be fun to see what you all thought this little one is going to be. As far as old wives tales I have taken many test and they are pretty much all coming up equal boy to girl outcomes. The heartbeat at 12 weeks was 172 and today at 17 weeks it was 164 (if you believe you can tell from heartbeat.) Let me know what you all think and maybe I will choose a winner from the group of correct guessers Monday and send a little treat your way!


  1. Those look delicious! And, I'm guessing boy. :)

  2. Okay, I'll put my guess in :) I'm thinking GIRL.

  3. Boy! But a baby is a {precious} baby and I'm SO excited for you!!

  4. Okay, I'm changing my guess. If Joy is having a boy then we need to even out the odds so I say GIRL!

    You can delete my other comment or throw them both out when you do the giveaway. I'm not trying to double my chances of winning :)


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