Saturday, January 22, 2011

feeling crafty

This weekend I was feeling extra crafty and just wanted to sew sew sew. I got all my materials ready and pined everything together so all I had to do was sit and sew. I started my first stitched and my 100 year old machine broke....again. I was lucky that Andrea lives less than 5 minutes away and was willing to let me borrow hers. 

I finished up some burp rags for me and made some for a friend whose shower I am attending later this month.

I also wanted to make something to decorate Mason's walls. I bought 3 canvases and $2 worth of felt. I made little moneys which I then sewed onto leftover fabric I had from the changing table pads. I stapled them to the canvases and hung them on the wall. I love when ever I make wall decorations and I ask Austin how they look, he always finds something wrong with them. Apparently the money's ears aren't exactly the same...because I am not an artist nor do I make displays for a living I am still super happy about how they turned out.

They aren't on the wall yet because I haven't taken them to be stapled.
 Finally I mad some crinkle toys. These are really easy and quick to make. Again I asked Austin what he thought of the toy and he asked me if I made it up. I told him I found a tutorial on it and that babies love the sound and pulling of the ribbons on the edges. He is still convinced I am making the whole crinkle toy up. He will see when Mason gets here.

I am happy to have the time and ability to make home crafts. They really are fun and I love being able to say I made that.


  1. Good job!! Babies do love those crinkle toys!

  2. Very nice! I always line up projects and then hardly any of them get done :) What did you use for the "crinkle" part?

  3. cute stuff! somehow i missed that giveaway you mentioned on the post after this. darn it. i totally would have guessed boy, too! and i'm not just saying that because i know now! =)


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