Tuesday, December 16, 2008


First addition to our little family....Little Cheech

Here Austin decided it would be a "fun" idea to put him in my heelys, I have barely mastered how to use them and Cheech glided through our kitchen!

Cheech's first snow, he wasnt sure what to do in it. If you know anything about our dog you will know he does not bark, until the first snow that is. He woke us up barking, staring out the window. Then when we put him out in it he rabbit hopped through the snow, not liking the snow to touch his belly (kinda hard considering he isn't more than 6 inches tall).


  1. Cheech is so cute...and his sweater! haha Adorable!

    I love the pic of you guys at the top of your blog. Cute, cute!!

  2. P.S. Now that you're officially a Blogger you have to comment on my blog too...not just on my WALL!!


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