Monday, May 24, 2010

A Trip Worth Blogging About..

( I am a Cardinal fan)

This Sunday we went up to Kansas City for the Royals vs. Rockies baseball game. Austin is a huge Rockies fan and my parents got him tickets for his Birthday. I, being the good wife that I am, supported the Rockies by wearing a shirt and painting my nails purple.

We started the morning by grabbing some Winchell's because they are the best doughnuts ever!

About 10:15 we were on our way.

We arrived in Kansas City and headed to the stadium

The sun was bright and I even got a little burnt.
The Rockies won 11-7 and Austin's favorite player hit a home run

All in all the day was fun and we can't wait till the next time we get to see a live game

What? You thought this story was going to be more exciting by the title?

Okay, you are right. Lets back up to ..we were on our way. as we drove through Emporia we heard a loud thud like my tire had popped but the car was handling fine. I pulled over and we examined all the tires but found nothing. We looked at the engine and belts, still nothing. Finally as Austin was getting back in the car he saw that one of my tire's tread had been completely ripped off and it was slowly losing air. Not sure how this happened we put on the donut tire and SLOWLY continued to Kansas City. We were 90 miles out when this happened and couldn't drive more that 55-60 mph.
While we were barely pushing 60 mph I had time to snap some photos of all the scenery we saw and don't worry I will share .
Feel free to ohhh and aweWe finally arrived at the game 50 minutes late, luckily they were only in the 3rd inning. After the game was over, about 4 pm, we headed into town to find a new tire. Within 45 minutes we had found 5 tire stores all closed. Our luck was not looking good. We decided we would just stay the night and fix it in the morning. When we realized that nobody was going to help Austin out at work we called in the backup team, My uncle David who lives in Kansas City and my mom. They were able to call around and find an open tire store about 30 miles from where we were. Thanks guys!
We arrived home tired at about 11 and hit the sack.

This trip is definitely one worth remembering. As much of a wreck as it sounds we had a great time.

Next road trip is to St. Louis in October, for another baseball game, might load the trunk with spare tires!

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