Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Z

Tuesday was Zach's 5Th Birthday.

Since I can remember he has asked Austin to teach him to skateboard. We were a little worried he was too young still for a skateboard but he kept telling everyone we got him one and that him and Austin were going to the skate park to do tricks. When I took his present over to him I hid it outside. He asked me what I brought him and when I told him nothing he said I forgot to get his skateboard.
I played along, "No Bubba you never told me to get you one"

"Yeah I think I did"

"Are you sure"

"I know I told you"

Finally I let him have it. He was super stoked and went straight into doing his tricks on it.

This is his front wheelie.

Austin had to work so he was not there to practice with him but later on the phone they made a date to practice later this weekend. Oh and Zach says he already knows how to ride it he just needs "practice".

And yes he rode it like a surfboard every time!

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