Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Confessions


Today I confess..

~ I have a million things on my to-do list today as it is my only day off this week, I will probably read blogs, crochet, and nap instead of doing half of them

~ I was late to work twice this week because I am a blog stalker and find the need to read everyone's blog before showering and getting ready in the morning

~ I might wear my pajamas all day

~ We have eaten entirely too much fast food lately. For some reason 35 weeks pregnant = lack of desire to cook and clean a kitchen in the evening

~ Since I have been working I have put household chores on the back burner, after doing some this morning I realize they need to tended to regularly again. Sorry to my husband for my lack of attention to our home


  1. Pajamas are comfortable and at the stage you are at, comfort trumps fashion any day.

  2. pajammas are ok, when you a big and pregnant!!

    Cleaning will come later, right now enjoy your down time, rest and relax

  3. Is it ok that I stay in pajamas, and I'm not pregnant?! ;)

  4. I hear ya on the neglecting the housework - and I don't even have a job outside of the home! It's nice when I get that nesting feeling, it helps to make up for the days of non-nesting that I've had! (If I'm feeling unmotivated, I just have to think "is this what I want to come home from the hospital to?" and that usually kicks me into gear. It may be first gear, but at least its a gear!!

  5. stopping by from mamarazzi's...
    i try really hard to do housework during the eek but always find more things that interest me.. like reading blogs.. way more fun than folding clothes, coooking, mopping, washing dishes.. any houseghold chore you can think of!!
    I also feel the need to stalk blogs every morning before i get ready so i am often arriving to work with not a minute early.. and i am a huge arrive ealry kind of person.. i use to get up at 5 am to read blogs so i would have time to read blogs... but i have reverted back to the sleep in thing!!

  6. Stopping by from the Y&R blog hop!
    I just checked out your Etsy shop- it's ADORABLE!


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