Monday, September 26, 2011

Meeting Cheech

As many of you may or may not know we are down to just one dog. Rockie got out about a month or so ago and we were unable to find him. A few weeks ago we had to get rid of Bo because he was super destructive and tearing things up, as in our cable box off the house numerous times, boards off the fence, and even chewing through the under ground shock wire. The other day we took Mason out to meet little Cheech since he will soon be an indoor dog when the weather becomes too cold for him to remain outside. Both were very interested in each other. Cheech kept wanting kiss Mas. Mason kept smiling at Cheech.
Cheech is a very grumpy but friendly dog who doesn't like to be disturbed or messed with so we are interested in seeing how he does this winter once Mason becomes mobile. We know he will not hurt Mason but he is quite vocal in grunting and sighing, just like an irritated little old man.
Cheech decided he wanted on dad's lap too =)

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