Thursday, January 1, 2009

Closing out 2008

Here are some pictures from Christmas! Austin and I spent our first Christmas together this year, not only our first married but our first together! it was really special waking up next to him and being able to spend the holiday as Mrs. Hanna.
Cheech and Austin hung out all Christmas Eve, they were excited for presents in the morning!

Emmy, Brooke, and me Christmas day at moms's. They were so excited to take a sissy picture, I thought it was a good idea since we don't see much of eachother these days, Brooke being off at college and me married.

Bringing in the New year as a married women I have learned a few things......

1. Being married is a special thing I am so grateful for.
2. Never expect the smallest task to be done when you return home from work, 99.9% of the time he will forget you asked him for anything and spent the last 4 hours playing video games.
3. All though we have our arguements, the best thing is waking up next to Austin the next morning and knowing how much we care for eachother.

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