Monday, January 19, 2009


Austin decided it would be fun to teach me how to fly fish this weekend, but the 2 day adventure was a little more than I could handle.
Day 1: Austin spent most of this day teaching me how to throw, ducking and watching his head as I swung the rod aimlessly, and untangling me from bushes, branches and other mysterious things my rod decided to catch on to. Before he was even able to cast once he spent 30 minutes rock/cliff climbing to get my pole which I had cast all the way across the creek and got tied up on the other shore line, I did however "about catch" a trout. As I was bring it in he flopped high above the water and started freaking out, which then freaked me out and I about just let go of my pole, I finally decided to just close my eyes and hope it landed on land. It, of course, got away and Austin laughed.

Day 2: Today was much better I still failed to catch any fish but was about to get myself out of tangled trees and Austin was able to fish a bit more. He still laughed every now and again as he replayed my eye shutting attempt to catch my bite yesterday.

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