Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pizza and Pumpkins

Last Friday night Austin and I had a pizza and pumpkin party at my moms with my 2 favorite little guys...Z and Drewsy.

From the time we got there Zach was ready to go! He had picked out 3 pumpkins... one for him one for Austin and one for me and Drewsy. Of course Austin had the biggest one because Zach thinks Austin is his older strong brother :)
At first Andrew was not feeling the nasty goo inside the pumpkin. After I cut it opened he looked in, made a nauseating face and said ewww. But soon he was shirtless and ready to go.

In the end Zach decided Austin had made the best pumpkin (go figure)
Zach watching Austin

The Boys with our finished products!
My dad and Andrew being silly

Zach showing us what his pumpkin looks like

Hard at work

After we were all done we had cupcakes as our treat.... the next photos need no words

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