Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just 2 Big Kids

This morning when I took the vacuum out I found these 2 toys stuck in the back of the closet.

Two years ago Austin and I bought Nerf guns to mess around with during the summer. They are the funniest things to play with ever! We use to run around his old basement and shoot each other, mind you these balls are NOT squishy, they hurt! Austin was really good at aiming at my forehead.
*side note*
About a month ago Austin took one of these Nerf guns out and was chasing the dogs around the house. They make a loud noise when you turn them on because they are battery powered and the dogs were scared. To add to their fright Austin began shooting at them. It was only seconds before both dogs had jumped on the bed and buried their faces in the pillows, the only thing hanging out was their bottoms and they were shaking like we were beating them. This is not an animal cruelty story we didn't hurt them in any way and if you had seen it you would have laughed too


  1. Ok - I have to comment and say that I laughed out loud at work when I read how the balls aren't squishy, and that Austin was really good about aiming at your forehead! I'm sorry, sure it hurt, but thats hilarious!

  2. yeah he seemed to think it was hilarious too and for everyone who knows me my reflexes are NOT quick so i would see it coming and close my eyes and it would just hit me!


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