Friday, April 16, 2010

Pre Prom

I remember the hype of prom like it wasn't 4 years ago. Wow 4 years already?! Time flies. I remember my Junior prom being the most exciting and nerve wrecking. I was nominated for princess and was thrilled, then I remembered i would have to walk in front of the whole school at the Prom assembly. What a nervous little girl I was. I kept thinking..

I hope I don't fall
I hope my dress doesn't malfunction
I hope they cheer when my name is announced
Do I look okay?

Today, 4 years later, I attended Heights prom assembly. This time my sister walked in front of the whole school, she too has been nominated for princess. I felt the same excitement and worries for her as I felt walking there years before.

She didn't fall
Her dress didn't malfunction
They cheered for her louder than any other nominee
She looked AMAZING!

Prom Pictures to come tomorrow!

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